Writer’s workshop – Oh, the football; we loves it


6. 10 Things you love about football.


(OK so since I have to get 10, I’ll be branching out quite a bit on this list to both flag that my kids play and fantasy.)

  1.  I first and foremost love that it so perfectly accompanies fall. Maybe it’s because I love this season and football has always been a part of my life that they seem to go hand in hand but the cooler temps and a field of big dudes and the sound of the crowds just mesh so well.
  2. I love supporting my local college team because my family has always been big Nole fans. My parents went to college here, I went here, and now FSU pays my bills. I have taught English to many football players and I connect with Athletics all the time. Here’s my fam on the field for an FSU game last season.21177227658_4b3070fd42_z
  3.  I love that it creates an allegiance to something, though I do not take it too seriously. I do not have a favorite NFL team but I love the competition of quality players and feeling like being behind their success makes me a part of something.
  4. On that note, I admire the hard work these guys put in. Some will say “oh, they’re little boys playing a game for a job” and yeah, maybe that’s true but they work their asses off.jj_watt_lifting_1000_pound_tire_30_times
  5. Julian Edelman; ’nuff said. UNF!25e0fd6f666e5781783a797007b9e91d
  6. I love that both my boys play flag football. They’re not superstars but they’re good on their teams. They aren’t the kids who pick flowers and don’t want to be there. Each of them have had their own successes and they WANT to be good. It makes me proud.22076921872_b277a2b796_z
  7. I love how well a football game compliments a nap. LOL. I know that sounds like I’m not watching but think about it: you usually eat some less than healthy foods, drink some beer, then halftime rolls around and that mid-game nap is just about the best thing!
  8. Sure, it may be a little barbaric but I think that appeals to the most base aspects of our primate selves. We like the hard hits. We know that it’s relatively safe in pads so it’s like controlled violence.
  9. I love playing fantasy football. I’m big on competition so it’s that drive that makes me keep up with my team each week. Sure, it infuriates me sometimes, especially when I love to an autodraft team but it’ still really fun and brings depth to watching it.
  10. And finally, I love that it is something my husband and I can share. There’s that thing about how guys want a woman who enjoys a sport but I feel like so many women “try” to like it to please their man. I genuinely like watching it and can enjoy it with or without him. But since we both know about it, we can discuss it and enjoy it together.

5 thoughts on “Writer’s workshop – Oh, the football; we loves it

  1. I have only seen football on TV (but kind of a lot of it because my favourite TV series is Friday Night Lights). In Switzerland, we play soccer and I quite like watching that.

  2. I mean…Edelman is a sight for sore eyes. I’ll give you that! I’ve never played Fantasy Football before, but it looks so fun!

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