Friday Five – Fall is near, getting better, post-storm

Five Thoughts:

  1. It looks like a Fall day here: gray and a little muted, windy. Though it is not as cool as it has been. At the end of Elliot’s flag game last night, it was beautiful: very cool and breezy and I was happy. My friend/neighbor was sitting next to me and commented that she needed a jacket. This is Florida, folks. The second we get a cool breeze, most people want a sweater.
  2. My calendar is FULL, people. Tonight we have the kids’ schools’ fall festival then football tomorrow. Ell has a birthday sleepover at a friend’s and then he and Isaac will go to Sky Zone Sunday. Next weekend is the real beat down. Charity bowling Friday night, 8:30 am flag games at different parks Saturday morning, a birthday for Ell from 10-12, a birthday for Isaac at 4, and somewhere in there, Dakota has a party too. Oh, AND it’s our wedding anniversary.
  3. My aunt and grandfather fared well in Hurricane Matthew. They did not lose power and though I don’t know if they sustained any damage, it looks like the Palm Beach area (and south, where my cousins’ families are) did just fine. The storm is still parallel to Orlando so I’m trying to see if my sister is ok. But hopefully everyone comes out just fine.
  4. I had a particularly rough day Wednesday. Multiple co-workers were angry at me about things out of my control and I even made a student cry. It was not my intention of course but it was a very big misunderstanding. I’m not going to go into detail but I will say that I let that day’s events go and I’m feeling better today. Of course, it IS Friday.
  5. Ankle update: it’s doing much better! I hurt is last Wednesday and today, I am walking at about 90% normal; not much limp. I’m still wrapping it at work, just because I like the security of the ACE bandage. But at home I am putting almost full pressure on it and so long as I don’t do too many side to side movements, it feels good.

My phone is being weird today so no pics but feel free to look at my flickr sidebar over there. Some good, recent football shots! Happy Friday!

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