Random Tuesday – Getting better, fall things, meeeaaat

Stacy Uncorked
  • I went back to work yesterday after my ankle sprain and if you read me often, you know I said how I didn’t listen to all my doctor’s advice and went ahead and walked on it. I am doing much better! I obviously am not going back to running just yet but I can walk OK and I am up and about. That was the worst thing: just sitting around.
  • Elliot played a flag football team Saturday that hadn’t been beaten in… three seasons. I knew some kids on it and a friend of mine’s son used to be. I knew they were tough and I take a bit of sadistic pleasure in breaking their streak.
  • Hey, want to cry? Watch this: Where are they now: Ted DiBiase, Jr. He was a wrestler and this story made me tear up multiple times. You’ve been warned but it’s also kind of uplifting. Sometimes you need to be reminded that there are good people in the world.
  • I thought maybe this week would be kind of tame but then I realized that both boys have games (Wednesday and Thursday) whereas they normally just have practice. Then their school’s fall festival is Friday and they both have Saturday games as well.  Sigh; nope, not tame. We’ll be running out almost every single evening. OK, maybe not tonight. And for that I’m thankful.
  • I want a steak. Like, a very thick, medium-rare steak with a big heaping portion of mashed potatoes. Doesn’t that sound good??steak
  • OK, I guess if you’re a vegetarian that sounds awful. But this is MY random Tuesday, ok? 😉
  • Time for Tuesday Chat!!


To answer our hosts’s question, I’m probably on my fifth or sixth PSL.

Fall Asesthetic –  What gets you in the mood for the Fall Season?   
Pumpkin Spice?  Wool sweaters and knee high boots?  
Candy Corn?   
Let’s all get cozy with warm thoughts as we head into Autumn.
Fall is my favorite time of year; I love how summer fades out and makes you feel a little renewal. The heat dissipates and those cooler mornings give you hope. Even if we don’t have a very cold winter, the cool fall temps last for months here.
I really liked how Stacy did her aesthetic so I am going to attempt something similar. Here are the things that get me all warm and fuzzy about fall:
Decorative gourds, MFers!
Cool mornings with beautiful sunrises
Pretty leaves!
Warm drinks

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Getting better, fall things, meeeaaat

  1. I broke my ankle once… well, kinda twice – since it healed wrong and they had to rebreak it. ugh. hurt far worse the second time. I may have had.. um.. some numbing liquid the first time I broke it. HA.
    I just came from the pumpkin patch to get my annual gourd assortment! And they have WHITE pumpkins!! WHITE I tell ya. So cool. I’m turning mine into a ghost. hee

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