Friday Five – Pick up the pieces and go home

Five Things:

  1. What a weird week it has been. I can’t barely remember Monday and Tuesday, Dakota and Zoey were both sick on Wednesday, then yesterday was super busy and I was not very good at personing. I had issues forming sentences! I also realized I was incredibly exhausted. By the time everything settled down last night, I was straight up asleep on the couch.
  2. We have been participating in city sports for about five years now but only yesterday did I feel the immense crushing weight of the fact that starting on Saturday, we will be busy each and every weekend (and week for that matter) until  mid-May. Flag football games run from Saturday until November 5th and it’s the next week that the boys will get their soccer teams and begin practicing. In March, soccer will end and and baseball will begin. I never really thought about just how long we spend doing sports!
  3. My awesome husband had a much better week than I did; he interviewed for a new position within his company. Yesterday, he heard he was officially hired. He’s very excited to move out of support and into more programming aspects and, well, a raise never hurts!
  4. Now that it’s officially Fall, I am going to force myself to get organized, clean up, and get out the fall decor. Don’t underestimate how this can change an attitude. Instead of feeling beat down by life, I’ll feel energized and invigorated to take on whatever may come my way.
  5. I’m having sushi for lunch and it’s one of my faves that feels special. I don’t know exactly why; maybe because I didn’t really start eating it until high school but it was something both my sister and I liked but had to get on our own because my parents weren’t into it. Now, my mom does like it but back then, it was our special thing.

Five Photos:


This makes me so ready for Fall!


My stomach huts today but I still want my hot coffee


AJ Styles is a life ruiner! Unf!


My kids all FSU’d out


Going through downtown this morning, my car casting a shadow

One thought on “Friday Five – Pick up the pieces and go home

  1. I’m digging out the fall decor this weekend… and maybe baking pumpkin bread… as much as I love fall, I haven’t quite got into the “mood” yet. I need to change that!! My favourite time of year is finally here!!

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