MMMM + The world is a strange place full of twists and turns

Seriously this weekend had some serious wrenches in it! Friday afternoon/evening were fine; nothing special. I wanted to go out to officially celebrate my husband getting a new job but no one really felt like doing anything. On Saturday, I got up and made breakfast for the kids, then did a quick four miler. A good one too; I was flying out there and felt great! I tagged Ash in for his run and went to take my shower. When I was done, I turned the knob and it finally broke. It had been loose for a while but it just stopped turning and the water was still running! So I had to quickly dry off and run to the street to get it turned off there. Ash was still running so I left it because we all had to get to the football fields for week one of flag games.

I was worried about Isaac’s team; the ages of 4-6 can encompass all types of kids and all maturity levels. He is the oldest at 6.5 and has little patience for kids who turned four, like, last week. Anyway, they did pretty well actually. There are two brothers who can RUN and he himself pulled seven flags. He’s a defensive beast! Directly after, Elliot had his game. They were all a little nervous but pulled out a win. They had Ell playing rusher, which was good for him. Even if he didn’t pull the QB’s flag, he put enough pressure that the kid never completed a pass. His game began about 15 mins late so we didn’t leave until about 12:45. Ash had gone to a card tournament so I took the kids to Chik-fil-a, thinking I may have missed the lunch rush. I was wrong. So Dakota didn’t go down for nap until 2, which is late for her. Luckily, I managed to get in a nap as well during the FSU game.

In the afternoon, we went to Lowe’s for a light bulb and a new shower knob. I got the bulb changed but I’m leaving (no, he still hasn’t done it) the shower to my husband… who didn’t get home until 8:30 because he won the tournament. So yes, a lot of ups and downs.

Sunday morning, he and Ell ran a seven miler, then he went back out with Isaac for one more. I was then ready for my eight miles, which did make me very nervous., Seven last week was hard enough! Well, this run was fine; a little exhausting but the kicker was when I hit about mile 4.5-5 and my heels were killing me. The last pair of shoes I had did their damage and I’m paying for it. I very nearly called my husband to get me but I pushed through. It took me a little longer to complete than I had hoped but at least I finished. And when I got home, I promptly iced both feet. Luckily, my awesome hubs had gone to the store for lunch stuff so I didn’t have to! I basically ate burgers, had beer, then took a nap.

Around 5:30, I needed to go to the store for weekly items and when I got in my car, it wouldn’t start. UGH. I was already annoyed because the boys had been fighting and acting pretty obnoxious and my husband was tired and mad at fantasy football. BUT, we got my car jumped and I headed to the auto parts store where I bought it. And as luck would have it, it WAS a bad battery and only 2.5 years old so still under warranty; free! Not exactly what I had planned for my Sunday evening but it turned out ok.

It didn’t end there – the crazy stuff happening. I was startled awake at 6:51 by the sound of Dakota calling me. And then I realized what that time signified: we were late and the alarm didn’t go off. Normally at that time, everyone has eaten and packed up and I am in my room getting ready. SO, Ash had to shower and I got the boys going on all the pre-school prep. I showered and then Ash calls to me saying he cut his thumb but didn’t realize it so he got blood all over his white shirt. LOL. He sliced his thumb and then proceeded to tuck in his shirt. SO, like the domestic goddess that I am, I grabbed the club soda and got to it. We were on time to drop the boys off at their normal time, planning to take Koda after and I’d just be late. As we were about to head out, I dropped my Yeti full of water all over the floor. I just hope it still works; I have heard if you drop it, the magic that makes it keep stuff cold may stop working. UGH. So we get in the car, head to school, and I happen to turn down the one road where a line of cars is backed up behind the yard waste trucks (affectionately called “the claw” here). It was one of those “raelly?!?!?” moments. Like, this just KEEPS happening.

BUT I am at work now and to be  completely honest, SO ready for October. September began with a hurricane and didn’t really let up. Just a few more days!


Freebies are great. Freebies are good. Here are some songs I heard in the car this morning because I can’t think otherwise.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + The world is a strange place full of twists and turns

  1. After reading this I am exhausted, just saying, running is something I don’t even do in my dreams, showers are something I have only when on holidays and can’t have a bath I do not like showers just saying.

  2. I saw Foreignor perform Jukebox Hero it was totally awesome. Thanks for the introduction to the last song. It’s pretty cool. You’ve rocked the house this week my friend. Thanks for joining us have a great week/

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