Random Tuesday – Dogs, weirdos, changes

Stacy Uncorked
  • Is this month over yet? I don’t know what I am looking for out of October but maybe it’s just something different. Not that September has been bad; it’s just time for something else. Fall perhaps?
  • Sigh. Got home from work yesterday and one of our dogs is siiiick. She was all hunched over and just looking like death. She didn’t want to move and she looked so pathetic. It was a weird evening because honestly, we’ve had dogs a long time so if this was her time to go, so be it. In some ways, it would be a lessening of burden. This morning she is…ok? She still seems icky but not as bad.  We’ll see how she progresses but truth be told, she has never been my fave dog. I also don’t want her to have to suffer.
  • Also got home yesterday to find we’d missed a letter from someone with the last name Postell. Now, I know two of them. One is my good friend Drew and one is a crazy guy in an asylum who keeps calling the English department. He has sent letters to us before. Well, I assumed this was going to be from him as well and he found my home address. I was stressed! Turns out, our friend DID send us something, which is weird and unlike him but I am so glad it isn’t crazy dude!
  • Hubs had a job interview yesterday so fingers crossed. After work, he was so glad to have that stress over with so we went out to dinner, which was nice but made my Monday feel weird. That plus the rain we’ve had since Sunday has put me in an odd mood. Couple that with what I mentioned yesterday about reading my old college journals (diaries, if you will) and I have felt rather… contemplative.  It’s odd to look back; I knew I was not in a good mental place for about the first three years of undergrad but my journals would have you believe I was super depressed. Maybe I was! Who knows; the early 20s are a very weird time, I think.

Tuesday Chat is back, y’all!


“Summer Lovin’ – Was there one moment that stood out this past summer, as one that you will cherish forever? One book you must recommend? Ice Cream flavour? Let us know!”


Hmm, I guess what sticks out the most about our summer is the trip we took that was cut short. First we went to Daytona beach and then to Sea World. The very next week we started driving to NY but only got to Nashville. But we made the best of it there. Looking back, it is kind of funny how it turned out but we enjoyed everything bit of it anyway. We’ll remember that for a long time!

A book rec I have would be Hot Rock by Annie Seaton. It’s a quick read but really cool. It’s about a woman who travels to England for a music festival and she meets a guy who looks just like her early 90s crush – a late 70s rock icon. And well, it gets weird from there but it’s still fun.

I don’t have any ice cream recs but one of the many times we went to the snowcone place, I put lime and coconut together and yum!!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Dogs, weirdos, changes

  1. Oh my goodness, lime and coconut why didn’t I think of that?!! Why is that not a thing over here??! I would eat that daily I think. ha.
    The best kinds of trips often turn out to be the ones that didn’t quite go as you maybe planned….like our dip in the waves. When I read over my old poetry from high school or university, I definitely feel some low key embarrassment!! Oh my… the utter angst of some of those pieces. LOL I would never share them today. I don’t remotely feel like the same person.

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