MMMM + Fall weekends are football/beer/reading old crud?

I never really thought that it looked sad to eat breakfast at my desk. I always do it because my mornings with kids are rushed and eating at 8 after waking at 6 just works for me. A grad student came in and said he was sorry I had to eat here. Nah, dude, it’s cool.

I have five student conferences throughout the day so my coffee had better kick in soon. SO anyway, my weekend was pretty decent, I’d say. Friday, the A/C in my building was out so leaving at 11 was a good call. Ash and I went to Chuy’s for lunch and only split a taco meal, which worked out. We’re both trying to eat less. Since Chuy’s doesn’t have any good drink specials, we decided to head to Proof, a local brewery that I somehow had never been to. It was nice; we both had beer, played giant connect four, and just hung out until it was time to head home, nap, then get the kids. Didn’t do much that night; too tired. Saturday, both boys had early football practice so I got in a 3 miler and cleaned some. I want to say we got some other stuff done but nah. We did go to Costco and then Sonny’s for dinner.

Somewhere in there I had the bright idea to go reading my old journals. I’ve been keeping a journal since about fifth grade so I have quite a few books. Well, I picked from about 1997 to 2000 to indulge in and lordy, my 18-20 year old self was a weird person. I mean, my mind was a minefield of garbage. I remember thinking like that but also, I felt very distant from that person I was. So strange. I did stumble upon stuff I actually didn’t remember though so that was interesting. Also, a little disconcerting. I apparently knew a guy named Jim in college from my Old South lit class but I honest to God cannot remember what he looked like. The memory is vague at best. I didn’t remember going to as many wrestling house shows as we did, which is kind of funny. I did however write down the dates that I met certain wrestlers, like Chris Jericho. Oh, and when Owen Hart died. I couldn’t find the next few books in chronological order so now I have the mission of tracking down where those might be. Doesn’t that irritate you; when you can’t find stuff you know you have?

Anyway, Sunday morning, Ash and Ell ran before me and I started laundry. But I had a seven miler slated on my training plan so I did it; and it was ok. I didn’t really feel bad until about mile four because I went a very hilly route. But I took my Gu and felt a lot better on the way back. Thank God that was over! I spent the rest of the day grading papers, watching football, and drinking beer. I’d say I earned it! I concluded the night by starting the documentary “The Rise and Fall of ECW”. It’s almost 3 hours long so I didn’t finish but it had me feeling all nostalgic. My entire weekend had a late 90s/wrestling nostalgia theme so there you go.

I slept terribly last night; kept waking up and being wide awake, which is unlike me. I wonder why that happens. Sometimes I sleep well every night for weeks and then I have phases where I do that crap: awake all the time. I don’t know what dictates it; maybe the moon.



This week’s theme is “songs about music” and I have dredged some up for you!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Fall weekends are football/beer/reading old crud?

  1. Oh yeah, you have definitely rocked the house today my friend! I’m not much of a reader, but you can bet your bottom dollar if I have the book it’s worth reading & its gotta be good. Reading puts me to sleep unless it grabs me right away. I actually saw the Foreigners at the Arcada Theater perform that one. Awesome! Huey Lewis knows how to rock em’ that’s for sure!

  2. I eat breakfast at my desk, but my desk is in the lounge room, I also have the tv on and usually I am blogging as well. I rarely eat breakfast till after I have taken the boys to school, back when my daughters were little I would eat breakfast after I took them to school as I don’t like to feel like I have to rush a meal.

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