MMMM + I just want normalcy!

I am SO ready for this month to feel like a regular old month! What with the hurricane and no power and then my classes and work getting all off track, I have been very… wonky. Thankfully, 2/5 of my family returns home today. They’ve been gone to Chicago since Thursday afternoon and I have been on my own with the other two. We had some good times; Elliot is usually good after school and when he’s doing a sport because it keeps him busy and worn out. He was a little less nice over the weekend; just attitude issues. But we made it alright. He had early morning football Saturday and then we got him some cleats. His feet are growing constantly! I mowed then got them Chik-fil-a, and after nap, we went to a local park to Pokemon. It turned out pretty fun for Dakota because she went in the splash pad. Though we didn’t have a bathing suit, she still had a blast.

Sunday we went to Target early but I had woken up feeling awful. hot and crampy and just really blah. Even my cup of coffee didn’t really help. It wasn’t until after my second cup (a PSL at Target) that I felt… ok. I did a bit of yard stuff and laundry and made burgers on the George Foreman but I still felt like garbage. It was the first week of NFL so I watched a lot of that. I managed to pull myself together and get the kids out to walk around the mall. The signal strength is crap there so it was no good for Pokemon Go, but at least we walked and I picked up some dinner as well. I wish I had cooked more during the past few days but I just wasn’t feeling it. Last night I watched a wrestling PPV and that about brings you up to speed.

I’m about to have my phone call about my lack of high performance at my online institution. I admit to dropping the ball a bit but I still do all the basics; I think I’m just not exceeding their expectations for nurturing students. I’m terribly nervous but I am sure it will work out ok.


Freebie weeks are pretty darn awesome but also, difficult in that I have no spring board for deciding what to pick.

Let’s just start with a song I heard in the car. My sister recently got a script tattoo and it’s a line from this one:

I don’t normally post live versions but it’s pretty good!

Switching gears entirely, here’s a… hip hop song? What do they even call it anymore? I’m out of touch, apparently.


4 thoughts on “MMMM + I just want normalcy!

  1. You sure have a really busy life girlfriend! Whew! Love Stevie … wow, she’s really young there!!! Good choice. Never heard the next one before… interesting. Thanks for joinin’ us! hugs

  2. Normalcy in this house is chaos just saying, life is usually busy, Leo is more off the walls on the weekends as his mother doesn’t always give him his medication over the weekend which annoys me but she is the mother and he is with her so up to her

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