Friday Five – Post-storm clean up

Five Thoughts:

  1. Today is going very quickly and I cannot seem to catch up! Honestly, after that storm, I have been behind ever since. I wrote about it yesterday and the day before so if you’re interested in how a category one hurricane brought my city to its knees, please read!
  2. Solo parenting is no joke. Yesterday was one thing but now I have to segue into the weekend where I honestly don’t know what we’ll even do. I will need to come up with some activities. I did promise them some Pokemon Go time. Well, Elliot. Dakota is just along for the ride.
  3. I think my brain has made the transition into Fall. I mentioned our mornings have been feeling a lot cooler so that helps. I had my first PSL on Wednesday and I think I may even try the k-cups to see if they’re any good. A co-worker swears they are. I kind of hate how they’ve gotten so popular. I kind of feel like an idiot ordering it now. Like, yes I am getting the basic white girl drink. UGH.
  4. Motivation to work is still pretty low. I have gotten some minor tasks out of the way but I have some grading to do that I am just not feeling. I do plan to leave at 2 today to run some errands and just work on keeping my sanity. If I do that, I can get things done and then retrieve my children. In fact, I am really looking forward to it!
  5. Geez, it is taking me all day to get this post done. Sometimes when I get into work, I have to make a list so I stay on track. I don’t normally need to do it when I run errands or for daily life but I feel like I might today. I had a clear vision of my afternoon errands then I remembered something else I keep forgetting to do. It’s a little disconcerting how lost I am!

Five Photos:

Look y’all, you can click on my flickr link to the side but I have nothing new besides those. Sorry!

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