Random Tuesday – Reverting, wrestling, pumpkin spice everything, teaching moment

Stacy Uncorked
  • My family is home! Isaac and Ash were gone as previously mentioned and their plane got in shortly before 3 pm yesterday. We didn’t do much of anything when we got home because it was almost time to get the other kids but it was a nice time for them to get back to their normal stuff. We had dinner and played outside and, well, it was a nice evening.
  • My students are workshopping today so I have a bit of downtime for once. We’re off by one day due to the storm so I *think* I’ve gotten them caught up now. Teaching is such a tenuous thing; day to day it can be both a success and a failure.
  • I bought the PSL K-cups and I will say, it isn’t the same but it isn’t bad. My only complaint is it says to pick the 8 ounce setting and that simply isn’t enough coffee.
  • So, I know this matters to absolutely no one but on Sunday, my boy Dean Ambrose lost his WWE world championship belt to none other than “small, Southern, Mr. TNA” AJ Styles; and I couldn’t be happier. AJ is adorable and a great wrestler and now his feud with Dean is going to be epic.b2f68e6ccc1b5409081472944b3eec8d_crop_north
  • Yes, I am a pro-wrestling nerd; it’s my weakness, my hobby, my distraction.
  • Oh, did I mention that my brother-in-law actually won his 100 mile race? Maybe I did. But I am still so surprised by it, as was he. He didn’t think he was ever leading but he did in fact win. He said during the night it poured rain and he face-planted on muddy slopes about three times. I cannot even imagine traversing hiking trails in the middle of the night with only a headlamp. First of all, I’d pick a spot and sleep. I couldn’t do it. I get on friends of mine who tell me they can’t run two miles – because that’s unreasonable. I think it is very reasonable to beg off 100 trail miles. NO THANKS!
  • Last week we got some cooler temps but now it is warm again. And muggy and sticky and supposedly going to rain for the next 5 days. UGH! If it gets cool again after the rain, I will do a dance. And drink tea.
  • I pissed off a student today in workshop. The way it works is that each person in the group reads every other paper and then they all talk to each other about them. I noticed their group didn’t talk at all and she was trying to leave to catch a bus. I thought that was unfair to her group because she was trying to cut class early for personal reasons. I know she was unhappy about it but rules are rules and I’m the teacher. So there!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got today. I see that Tuesday Chat will return next week so expect a more detailed post and more normalcy! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Reverting, wrestling, pumpkin spice everything, teaching moment

  1. You know Tim loves wrestling but when Jono was living here and wanted to watch wrestling he would go on and on about it then when he started watching it and I said something to him about how I thought he didn’t like it he said oh I don’t know why I said that I have liked it since I was a teenager, what the hell Tim. How great that your bro in-law won his race

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