So very behind

I’m going to be honest with you: I am not feeling very mentally stable and/or healthy right now. I’m trying to get back on track after this hurricane but I am finding it difficult. Tuesday, Dakota went back to school and Ash to work but the boys were still out of school. We actually got quite a bit done. I started laundry early on – while the kids all still slept actually. And the weather, oh the weather. We’re finally getting some cooler temps in the morning. Welcome, September. After we took Koda to school, we went to Publix to restock essentials. Almost everything in both refrigerators had to be tossed since power was out from 11 pm Thursday until about 9:30 pm Sunday. I  hated to throw out so much but what can you do?

We also were able to go into my office and use the internet so I got caught up on other work. Admittedly, a large portion of why I don’t feel well is that my online school is saying I’m not meeting all their instructional practices spot on so we have to devise a plan. I know I have been less than attentive but I don’t feel I am slacking as much as it sounds like. The woman who is going to call did say it’s not a huge deal, just something we have to talk about. Sigh. I hate being reprimanded, especially when I could have amended the problem myself. Fail.

I have still been half-marathon training – which is good – but with so much other junk going on, it seems like an afterthought. I ran a four miler today because it’s the only free time I will have between now and Tuesday. My husband and middle boy went out of town to visit my brother-in-law, who is running his first 100 mile race! So anyway, this leaves me solo parenting and I am always out of whack when this happens. I took Elliot to football tonight but he has it three days in a row to make up for the ones we lost due to the storm. The upside here is that I can leave him at practice and Dakota and I can go shopping nearby. I’m a little excited about looking at Halloween stuff in Joanne fabrics. I have yet to feel any Fall spirit yet, though I used to get started on decorating on September first, without fail. Well, Sept. 1st this year was a half day in prep for a storm so things have been all off.

So anyway, I am taking it one day at a time. And actually, I began this post earlier in the week and I am feeling better. September WILL turn around, I know it!

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