MMMM + Start your engines

Oh man, it’s Monday? I had a heck of a weekend but mostly because of going out way too much last week. As an introvert, I still do enjoy company but at the same time, it is exceedingly draining. Anyway, Friday, I only left a little early to run – the run I put off on Thursday because I wasn’t feeling well. We didn’t do much that night because Ash took Elliot with him to Magic. The younger kids and I watched the 2011 Royal Rumble (I love having the WWE network) and that’s about it.

Saturday morning, both boys had flag practice. Elliot’s team seems pretty good but then again, when you have an ex-NFL superstar running it, you kind of have to represent. Isaac is the biggest kid on his team so hopefully he will be QB or running back. He’d be good at both, to be honest.

Anyway, we were worn out after that so we all hung low until Ash and I met friends for dinner for a friend’s birthday. That’s when it all got crazy. Just everyone came prepared to get trashed and then we went back to their place, and well, I was DONE. This did not bode well for my Sunday morning run but it turned out ok. We pretty much just did laundry, etc all day. I decided to get a pedicure around 3:30 and then around 6, we did a lap around a local lake where Elliot catches all his Pokemon. We had snowballs too but the bees were everywhere and it made it hard to walk and eat. Overall, a nice weekend but now begins craziness. The first day of college classes always brings insanity my way.




With it being freebie week, these are just a couple songs I have heard on the radio lately that I remembered I really like.


5 thoughts on “MMMM + Start your engines

  1. Hey, dearie! Whew, sounds like a rough weekend! I hope you’re recovered for the work week and ready to boogie down. 😉 Your first song pick is by a new-to-me artist. I don’t remember this guy, but I love the beautiful guitar prelude and his vocals are fantastic. I’m going to listen to more by Yngwie. Thanks for sharing and have a tunetastic week!

  2. Great songs. Brings me back to when I was a kid.

    I do also find people exhausting. I am just like you. I always think that people are there to entertain me in a strange way as I plan my getaway. Sounds stupid but that is just me.

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