Friday Five – The world works in funny ways

  1. So I have this red and white checkered bags that has bacon and eggs on it in a face shape. It’s hilarious but it’s also old and my mom and sister have been getting on me to just get rid of it. BUT I have been waiting for the perfect replacement bag to present itself. I was in a meeting today and my friend texts me that she found the same one in a thrift shop and if I wanted it, she’d get it. LOL. Funny how the world works.
  2. Also funny is that on Tuesday, I was out with friends and talking to Allie when we got into a conversation about a local Publix. I said I shopped there when I lived at the Player’s Club apartments. Turns out that her sister, Sabrina, also lived there and during the same years I did, 98 and 99. I lived in the first building as you came in, on the right. She lived in the next one down! Such a small world.
  3. I mentioned on Wednesday that Elliot got his flag football coach and by some sort of miracle or chance or whatever, it’s a former NFL player that lives here in Tallahassee. He’s well-known around town for being a sort of hometown hero and all around good guy. I can’t wait to see how he is as a coach. I also hope that works really well for my son.
  4.  Last night we met Ash’s work friends for our monthly Cards Against Humanity game and had a blast. One of our friends brought an out of town friend of his, Brian. Actually, can you say out of town when they’re from another country? He’s from England and cracked us all up with his stories, etc. The interesting thing about it is that he was simply visiting and I find things like this so intriguing: I’ll probably never see that guy again. One evening to interact with somebody and then never again. But I’ll always remember it.
  5. Today marks the end of Rush week – thank God no more sorority hopefuls will be crowding around my building – and the last calm day before the semester gets all crazy. Last year during the first week, a kid puked in my trash can. What does this year have in store for me??

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