Random Tuesday – Trying to recenter myself

Stacy Uncorked
  • I had a temporary break from my sanity yesterday and I admit it. I was leaving Starbucks and had to wait in an insanely long line of cars as I tried to get to work. As it turns out, they ramped up Rush week (sororities; ugh) and more people than ever were driving and dropping off girls on the road; like anywhere they effing pleased. Sorry; I just HATE this entire thing.  Anyway, after realizing I was late to work and that no one was going through this three way stop, I just went around two cars and moved along to my parking lot. Sure, it was illegal and I pissed people off but I had had it!
  • As they always do, a group of demons sorority girls was blocking the steps to my building. I was so angry, I was literally shaking. I didn’t raise my voice but I told them to please start thinking of other people. We still work here; campus isn’t shut down. It isn’t just you here, buying friends. I was so upset that I went into my office and had to shut the door to calm down. I know it sounds crazy but they swarm campus and it’s just gross. SIGH.
  • It’s done now, thankfully, and they weren’t even around this morning – by some act of God, I do believe. Success!
  • This is really random: there’s a plastic wrapper from a Swisher Sweet type cigarillo on the edge of my lawn. I have mowed multiple times and the piece of trash never goes away. And I don’t pick it up. And I don’t know why but I took note of it again this morning. I wonder who put it there?
  • I’m stumbling my way towards the start of the college school year and I don’t think I am ready. I also kind of want to hide out until it begins but a couple friends are going out tonight and we’re also going out Thursday to play Cards Against Humanity. When it rains, it pours, I suppose.
  • My oldest son’s birthday is in a little less than a week and though we got him a Gizmo Gadget watch, the new HP book, a four square ball, and a little robot you can code to program, he is full force into Pokemon so that’s what he really wants. We got him a couple premade decks and some packs. It’s funny to me that when I first went to college, the cartoon was big and I was watching it. Almost twenty years later, it has had a resurgence. I’m pretty sure it is the only thing on my son’s mind from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep.
  • My boss should be in momentarily so here’s some hot Dean Ambrose action and I’m calling this post done.


He’s cute


He’s hot


He’s a little naughty


I love you, Dean Ambrose. And you, dear readers, watch wrestling! You won’t regret it.

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