Recovery day + Alice Cooper recap

At 1:21 am Thursday morning, I was woken by the loudest thunderclap of all time. Ok, that’s an exaggeration but a crazy storm blew through in the night. It was pretty intense; a lot of lightning and thunder that followed very soon after, indicating how lose it was to us. We lost power twice so I went out to the living room to grab my phone and set a back up alarm. The sad thing is, I had been sleeping SO well up until that point. Le sigh.

After Wednesday’s awful migraine, I was happy for decent sleep. Admittedly, I rested a little bit throughout the day. In between watching TV and drinking as much water as possible, anyway. Actually, Ash got home around 2 and we did take a decent nap then as well. In retrospect, it was really good for me to have a lay-low kind of day. I wasn’t feeling right and my body and mind needed to hang out for a little bit.

I’m feeling much more like myself; and motivated.

But let’s take it back to Tuesday night.  I left early to grocery shop then run. God it was hot out there. It was supposedly only 93 but I think the feels like was in the 100s. Anyway, I recovered alright and around 7, we headed over to the new Pavillion at the Centre of Tallahassee. They built a new music area right in the middle of the old mall. In some ways, they are revitalizing it but I don’t know if it will be successful. Anyway, I was excited that there’s also a new BBQ place right there so we went in and got beers, then started talking to a father and son about music. When we finished, we headed into the actual venue. We even saw Isaac’s flag football coach there too; lol. Once inside, we found our seats then I went to buy a shirt and Ash, beer. The cool thing is that the BBQ place has a side window inside where you can order drinks. They were slightly more expensive but still better than the venue’s pop-up stands selling 10 dollar Bud Lights :groan:

Alice’s set started around 8:15 and I agree with a colleague who also went: even after only five songs I think I would have felt like I got my money’s worth. Alice rocked it, even at 68. Nita Strauss is an amazing guitarist and so few women shredders get any credit! His show began with a few well-known songs then transitioned into his more theatrical things with a Frankenstein, straight jacket, evil nurse and he even did the guillotine bit. I was so impressed! The best part is that Ash enjoyed himself, though he originally was not pumped about going. I left there feeling completely satisfied! Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening!

It’s my half day and I am ready for it. We have zero plans this weekend and I am going to clean my house and enjoy just being. I cannot believe we are already this far into August! The year will begin spiraling towards the end now and well, I am going to enjoy these last little tendrils of Summer.

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