Bullet Thursday – Brain junk expulsion

  • Yeah, that title is entirely accurate for what this blog is producing today
  • My Seth Rollins T-shirt is sitting in the mailbox right now and I’m excited but also nervous because sizing is never consistent. I got an Iron Maiden shirt from the same place in medium and it is PERFECT. Here’s hoping.
  • Speaking of Maiden, Pacific Sunwear is selling shirts. I mean, the people who shop there PROBABLY have no idea who that band is or what they sing or anything they have accomplished since, oh, 1978. It angers me and yet, this is just the world we live in.
  • Today is so weird because I had to grade a ton of papers because my online institution only gave us 2 days and I was originally going to drive over and pick up the boys from my parents’ but when I realized the time crunch, my dad agreed to do it. And I feel bad about it, in a way.
  • It has yet to rain today and I SO want to go home early and mow my lawn but I also need to make a lasagna.
  • Is it weird that I’m pumped about mowing the lawn?
  • I’m also, admittedly, happy to see my boys. It’s been nice and quiet and pretty calm in my house since Sunday afternoon but they’re coming back and the usual chaos can commence. But that’s my life.

4 thoughts on “Bullet Thursday – Brain junk expulsion

  1. I’m going home to mow the lawn tonight… we’re kind of having a dry summer, and most of it is burnt, so I probably shouldn’t cut it, but the parts that ARE growing are annoying the heck out of me. Supposed to rain all weekend here, so hopefully the grass starts growing normally again lol.

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