MMMM + First day of school for the kiddos

Despite waking up to a COLD shower (somehow the pilot light turned off in the night) I think our first school morning of the year got off to a good start. The kids got up without being too cranky, got dressed, ate breakfast, and they really only fought once! I got them to their classrooms at a decent time and no one cried. LOL. Actually, none of them have cried on day one; just me. 😉 I did fine today but mostly because my coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Our last weekend of summer break was… fine. Nothing special. I totally forgot that Dakota’s daycare had a teacher workday on Friday so I was home with all the kids. We ran SO many errands! I had to return a couple tops to Target that ended up being too big and while we were there, I got every single thing on all three kids’ school supply lists! Success! We then returned some unused party stuff and then a shirt to the mall. The middle of the day was movies and lunch and then the boys had orientation at 1. Elliot got a teacher he wanted and his best friend is in his class. Isaac got the same teacher that Elliot had for first! I was very pleased.

On Saturday, I ran kind of early and we started hanging this painting: waterfalls. I thought Ash might have bought it but he was a little non-committal when we’d talked about it. But he did. 🙂 The only annoying thing is because it is staggered, placing it on the wall was not exactly easy; lol. But we managed and it looks nice! I cleaned the house a lot because one of Elliot’s friends was coming over.

Let’s backtrack: Elliot met this boy at school a few years ago and we sort of became friends with his parents, though knowing they might  move when the dad finished his PhD and started on the job market. (The boys played sports together as well.) Anyway, they moved away about a year ago because his dad did get a job. Well, the mom texted me last week to say they’d be in town and asked if the boys would like to get together. I agreed and suggested dinner. Well, as it got closer, she messaged me, assuming they were spending the night (at our house, obvs) and I felt a little thrown off. They didn’t end up dropping him off until 7 pm and then the parents ran off to dinner. It was just sort of awkward because he didn’t feel well so they said if he didn’t want to stay after all, they’d come back and get him. Well, he ended up wanting to go home around 9:30 but his parents had gone to a brewery and couldn’t pick him up! So they sent an uber for him, which I felt kind of awkward about. I feel like it was a set-up; like let’s get rid of him so we can see our friends. On the one hand, I get it because I like to get away from my kids sometimes too. But on the other, it’s annoying because this kid is super quiet and sort of nervous about stuff so the last time he spent the night, he ended up going home because he couldn’t sleep. It was just a bad/weird situation wherein I feel like we got played. I mulled over it again and again and finally had to let it go. (What do you think? Think they did that on purpose?)

I ran a pretty good four miler on Sunday; the farthest I have gone in a while but since half marathon training begins in one week, I’d best get on it! We were really pretty low-key all yesterday. All the kids slept in and actually, Isaac slept about an hour later than he normally would wake up. We did laundry and watched movies and we took a nice walk after dinner. I didn’t feel very worried about school starting because, well, I was ready. The kids knew they wanted to get school lunch on day one (it’s pizza), their book bags were ready, we’d dropped their supplies off at orientation, and well, they’ve done this before.

SO, I’m transitioning into two weeks of a ton of work but since no one is on campus, I should be able to get it done. I’m happy about the quiet!


Let’s switch gears this week. SiriusXM has a new station called Yacht Rock Radio and, well, I love pretty much everything they play on there. I will say, they play Michael McDonald’s Sweet Freedom a little too often but for the most part, this channel is glorious. Here is a taste!



6 thoughts on “MMMM + First day of school for the kiddos

  1. Fabulous choices today my friend. Boy, it sounds like a very nice weekend and congrats on being totally ready for the kids for school. I remember when I was never ready as much as my mom helped I still wasn’t ready. 😦 I had four children from one end of the age brackets to the other. 😦 All are married now so I try to help my kids get their kids ready because I remember when. It sure is a bite. Good for you & congrats on a great weekend too before school!

  2. Great set of what I like to call “Late-Seventies Lite Rawk!” They say MTV killed Christopher Cross’s career, which is a real shame, because he had a fantastic voice and wrote good songs. Of course, he’s still doing music and MTV isn’t…

    “How Much I Feel” is just a great song, and Ambrosia did it so well, didn’t they? Classic Seventies…

    I had to look up the name of the dancer in “Rosanna” — her name is Cynthia Rhodes; whatever happened to her? Fantastic dancer and a good Baptist girl…. Steve Lukather (guitar) has played a lot with Lee Ritenour and Larry Carlton the last few years; no doubt they worked together in the studio.

    A great set!

  3. Kids here are in term three of the school year we have four school terms a year, with a two week break between each term. The school day is between 9 and 3 from Monday to Friday, just in case you didn’t know that

    1. I was just saying to my mom how I think this might work better. As a long time teacher, she says no but I beg to differ! I think that model works a lot better.

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