Wednesday Hodgepodge – Olympics edition

1. Are you watching the Olympics? Your favorite summer Olympic event? I read recently a list of the most iconic Olympic moments in history…what stands out in your mind as a great moment from some past summer Olympic games?

Oh you better believe I am! I have always loved the olympics and I guess I would say any of the 90s and early 2000s Olympics stood out to me. In the 80s, I was a kid but I knew about them and watched with my mom but after that, I could better understand what as going on. I guess my faves are gymnastics and archery.

2. Have you ever been to Rio? How about the place that started it all-Greece? Have you ever been to any of the Olympic Games in person? Is that something you’d like to do? Have you ever met an Olympian in person?

No, no, yes, no. LOL. I would love to go at some point.  That would be a really awesome experience and I would totally take my kids!

3. The ball’s in their court (tennis), cross the finish line (track and field), on target(archery), make a splash (diving), on a roll (gymnastics), out of one’s depth(swimming)…which Olympic-related idiom best applies to your life right now? Explain.

At this point, I’ll say on a roll because I have a bunch of stuff coming up and I just broke out of a horrible emotional slump so I can get the ball rolling.

4. What have you earned a ‘gold medal’ in recently?

Recently? Hmm, maybe at work? I’ve been setting them up and knocking them down.

5. What is it (or who is it) that motivates you to eat right, exercise, and do what you can to be healthy?

Myself! Well, ok, my husband too but mostly me. I do it for me. I’ve had that mindset since 2004 and haven’t let up. I’m still a little out of shape but I blame the nearly seven years span of pregnant/breastfeeding.

6. Are you young at heart or an old soul? Explain.

In some ways, I am both. I have always been interested in “older” activities but I also never really feel old and I do “kid type” things like read comic books and enjoy cartoons.

7. It’s National S’mores Day (August 10th)…are you a fan? Will you celebrate with a s’more today?

You know, I like making them and the whole fire concept is cool but I honestly don’t care for them.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

The rain is intense today! I’m talking torrential downpour. The weather makes me not want to do, well, anything. But I did break out of the slump I was talking about. I felt like absolute garbage for almost four days. The funny thing is that other people on Facebook were saying things about feeling similar. Late summer doldrums? I mean, everything my husband said or did irritated me but for no reason. I feel kind of bad about it but it was just me. I was just not in a good frame of mind. But I got to work yesterday and I was magically better and my outlook on life had changed. Yay!

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – Olympics edition

  1. I don’t know what’s wrong with me this summer… I normally LOVE the Olympics, but I just haven’t gotten into it yet. Haven’t watched one event! Ack!! I am more of a Winter Olympics fan, I guess – Canada does much better at those Games lol – but I’m mad at myself for missing out on it thus far. I have memories of watching diving and swimming competitions in a hotel room while on family vacation when I was a kid, they are still my favourite events to watch. I hope I haven’t missed them all!

  2. Lots of rain is heading our way, too…we so need it! I’m with you on s’mores…they’re more fun to make than to eat.

  3. We’ve had some crazy rain here today too, and I had to schlep out to our lot which, when it rains, is basically a muddy slip and slide-ugh. They can’t get the driveway paved quick enough!! Good for you rolling through your to-dos!

  4. Glad to hear the funk has lifted. The Olympics are so much more encouraging to watch instead of the news! Hope things keep looking up for you!

  5. Glad you feel better, I agree with the summer doldrums. I can’t wait for Fall to arrive, it’s my best season and I always feel more energized. Have a great week.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

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