MMMM + Diverting from my usual musical choices

I have to say, we had a pretty nice weekend. I went to lunch with a co-worker on Friday and when we got back, our boss let us go early. Sweet deal! I wasn’t sure how I’d fill my time but I ended up taking a run, grocery shopping, and indulging in an episode of Sherlock. Season four is coming and I’ll probably rewatch all of them at some point.

I didn’t feel very good on Saturday but I got out to my overgrown side of the yard with a hedge trimmer and chopped it all down. I mowed the front yard before taking Elliot to a birthday party. While he was there, I went home to nap, though I couldn’t. I enjoy my mid-day naps but it’s disappointing when I can’t get to them. Sigh. I picked Elliot up around 3, we went home to play outside, and his friend came over. I, for some reason, can’t even remember what we had for dinner that night.Oh! We went to Momo’s for beer and pizza. I had a good time but my husband was in a bad mood. We all are sometimes, I get it. But ugh. He and I had a little heart to heart and he just really doesn’t enjoy concerts the way I do so he begged off going to Alice Cooper. So I’m in the market for a partner for the 16th. If I don’t find anyone, it’s no big deal. I mean, I can go to a concert alone and enjoy it just fine. Maybe more. A friend of mine has tickets but knows someone who needs one so I might end up selling to them anyway.

Sunday was also sort of low key. I ran and the humidity makes me feel awful. Just so sore and worn out. Hence, my unwillingness  to do much other than laundry. We did watch Predator and Ell played with a friend. We got out the slip n slide and the kids played in the pool. We’re doing the best we can in these last few weeks of summer . Kids go back to school in two weeks!


Another freebie week and I want to share a song I heard on *gasp* an Apple commercial.

Not my usual fare but I quite like it. Let’s balance it with another song that came to mind – not sure why – by Bad Company.  (Maybe the slow tempo of the first song made me think of this one?)


5 thoughts on “MMMM + Diverting from my usual musical choices

  1. Hey Dearie, I always enjoy reading your weekend recap. I imagine the heat & humidity is horrible in your neck of the woods. It’s awful here! Your first vid the artist & song are new-to-me. So, thanks for that! I love hearing new stuff. You can’t go wrong with Bad Company….the music kind, that is. lol Thanks for dancing with the 4M crew. Here’s hoping your week is tunetastic!

  2. Wow, that first tune practically put me to sleep… but nothing like wakin’ up to Bad Company… I use to play the song Bad Company on the keys in hubby band way back when… love that tune also… Have a rocktastic week my friend! hugs

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