Random Tuesday – Let me off this crazy train

You like that Ozzy reference? Yeah, you heard it. Anyway, let’s get to the random

Stacy Uncorked
  • I’m totally with our host; the political stuff is irritating as hell and I’m becoming more and more of a hermit. At least, an internet hermit. No… a Facebook hermit.
  • But what I AM getting back into is wrestling. Did I mention this? Yeah, you know I was a big fan long ago and – ok, I admit – in the late 90s/early 2000s. I let it go a while ago but man, I am finding myself drawn back in. I blame friends of mine who also like it and, well, I blame Seth Rollins. He’s so pretty!tumblr_oakwz6DxGj1tqjisao1_250
  • I mentioned yesterday that Ash bailed on the Alice Cooper concert but I think he’s back on, unless someone shows up. I posted an all-call to my Facebook friends but, well, I’m on an island all by my lonesome, listening to old music. I get it. But at least I know it’s good music, dammit. 😉 It gets lonely sometimes though, not gonna lie.
  • But on that note, I’ve gotten to an age where I do what I want because I want to and not because it’s “cool” or “popular” and sometimes that means being the only person you know who cares about music and rock music at that.
  • SO, I love summer and the idea and the aesthetic of it, but I am definitely eagerly awaiting that first cool day. The one where I let my dogs out and that hint of fall is riding on the breeze; just a wee bit of cool infused in the hot humid summer air. With running back on the table, I welcome the weather change with open arms.
  • OK I have stuff to do. How about one more Seth gif for good measure. Le sigh. So pretty.tumblr_ob6wd1jWKK1vwqsxao1_250


3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Let me off this crazy train

  1. Ooooooh the circus that is our upcoming election. There are just no words!

    I’m so ready for cooler temps. While I love the lazy days of summer, I really prefer the cooler days of fall! Yours description of the two is perfect t!

  2. Politics are frustrating because all that run usually are idiots who lie and twist things and back track and say we the people heard wrong because they realise they have said and done something oh so stupid. Being a hermit is a good idea at times

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