Friday Five – This, that, and the other

Five Thoughts:

  1. Gotta love Fridays; sometimes NOTHING happens at all. Like, I straight up sit in silence for hours. Then, other days, I see at least three people who actually need something. My workplace is odd, I tell you.
  2. I’m so happy it is Friday though; it was a really long week, full of annoyances and whatnot.
  3. Actually, Wednesday was pretty awesome. Now, I’m an introvert and need time to think about a social event. Well, Ash texted me around 11 am saying some of his work friends were getting together, find a babysitter. I just tried not to think about having to play Cards Against Humanity with people I didn’t know. That stuff makes me so nervous. BUT, it turned out just fine. We were supposed to go to Momo’s but it was too crowded and we ended up at a Japanese place nearby. That was actually better because there’s no one there. If you’re familiar with the game, it’s better played when you’re not within earshot of kids.
  4. Our only plan this weekend is actually a birthday party that my oldest is going to and I am looking forward to a low-key couple days. Soonish, we’ll be catapulted into the school year and it’ll be crazy!
  5. Also in August, my youngest turns three and my oldest turns nine. I’m only slightly stressed! I mean, how is it I have kids this old??

Five Photos:

I think all the photos below are things I want:






That last one is good ol’ Blackie Lawless who was HOT when he was young. Sigh.

I’m out! Have a good weekend!

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