MMMM + Summer is ticking away

So, let’s catch up, shall we? I said I wasn’t going to play Pokemon GO until one of my kids had an interest. Well, Wednesday afternoon Elliot got home from camp begging to get on it. I have to admit: it’s pretty fun. It drains the heck out of your phone battery but it’s still fun. I enjoy a game that you can do in random places and I have enjoyed meeting other people who are also catching little creatures.

I also got on the news Thursday. LOL. A guy from WCTV came onto campus looking for Pokemon GO players and he interviewed my friend who runs a food truck and me! Pretty funny, if you ask me; considering I didn’t even plan on playing.

On Friday, I admit to not working very much. I did some walking around campus then at 12 I went to lunch with a friend. By the time we finished eating, they had let us go from work so that’s what I did. Ash ended up coming home too because his building had been without power for over an hour. We had some pretty severe storms this weekend.

In fact, the kids and I went out on Saturday afternoon to catch some Pokemon but had to hightail it to the car before the storm came. The rain was crazy! Coming down in great heavy sheets and the wind was so strong it literally buffeted my car to and fro. This left a ton of  branches around the neighborhood and my yard. My oldest ended up helping clean up around our street and on Sunday, the younger kids and husband cleaned up our yard.

I would say the theme for our weekend was cleaning. I got my peninsula in the kitchen cleaned off, a closet reorganized, and all the kids’ rooms sorted. Sometimes when you send your kids in to clean, they just shove stuff into corners and it becomes very junky. I took care of all that!

Yesterday I ran before mowing and now my back really hurts. I have a bunch to do this week too but first, some summer ruminations:

It’s exactly one month before the boys go back to school. Hard to believe! Though I do think this last month won’t go by so quickly. It’s those “dog days of summer” as they say: hot but still sort of lazy/enjoyable. I still like our weekend pool things and popsicles and feeling like there’s little else to do. I’m not teaching right now and that has given me the breathing room I needed.


Even though I feel a little annoyed by the heat this year (I typically ignore it) I also feel like walking in the woods, taking in the high summer foliage. There’s something very calming about it. I also have yet to go to the pool with the kids; my husband took them once but I haven’t. Two years ago – maybe it was last year – we went all the time. I think we need to hurry up and get this stuff in before school begins because Lord knows that is when we are so slammed, nothing else happens.



Another freebie week! Let’s see what I can dredge up.

First, a Dokken tune.

Now, how about… Frontier Ruckus. I really like them but don’t always feel like listening to stuff this slow. I think they sort of embody the slowness of summer.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Summer is ticking away

  1. The summer is disappearing fast, isn’t it? Honestly, I’m ready for fall’s cooler temperatures to return, NOT winter just autumn. I know, I know I can’t have one without the other, but wouldn’t it be nice to have mild conditions year round? I’ve noticed a Pokemon crazy on FB lately. I will look into this game to see if its something I might enjoy. I enjoyed the contrast in your two music choices today. I rather like hearing a mix of music throughout the day. It helps to keep boredom away. Anywho, loved the intro to two new-to-me bands! Have a tunetastic week and thanks for hitting the dance floor with the 4M crew, my friend!

  2. My youngest daughter loves Pokemon Go she has been going out walking around looking for Pokémon and that has to be good getting out and walking she only allows Leo to play it if she is with him no going out on his own at all.

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