Random Tuesday – basketball, bands, and strange creatures everywhere

Stacy Uncorked
  • So I have to pick a new favorite NBA player because mine retired. Tim Duncan has been my guy for probably 10 years (or more). He finally called it quits so I have to find someone else who doesn’t show anger, who is the backbone of his team, and is stoic in the face of inequality. He argued with refs, sure, but he almost always kept his cool. And he wasn’t ever garish or outspoken the way so many of these stars are now. I just really liked his character.tim-duncan-5-championships
  • So I thought sending the boys back to camp would “fix” them but no, Elliot was just exceedingly tired and hungry when he got home and I sent him to bed… at 7 pm! You know he needed it because he didn’t even ask for anyone to come back in and say goodnight, which is something he’d normally do. Once he was tucked in, he was DONE. Guess allowing them to stay up later for so many weeks finally got to them, poor kids.
  • Though not “summer” food, I made this amazing bacon, egg, lettuce, and tomato sandwich last night. Really basic but still so amazing. Granted, I did put a bit of mayo on my 15 grain bread and I fried the egg on the bacon pan.av-19553
  • I had never heard of a German band named Running Wild until yesterday. They came out around the same time as the Scorpions (late 70s/early 80s) and I can only assume they were overshadowed by their massive success. If you like heavy metal/hard rock and pirate/historical themes, these guys are the band for you.
  • Similarly, if you like historical themes, then a newish band for you is Sabaton. I have to listen to them more but so far, they’re pretty awesome.download
  • I am admittedly not playing Pokemon Go but man, that is some crazy phenomena eh? People who rarely see the light of day are out and about. At least, according to a friend of mine. She said you could tell by how pasty they were and/or not dressed for summer. But good for them for getting up and out!
  • OK, I have to get going now. Because one of our employees left, I am doing a lot of the work she would be doing. I don’t necessarily mind but it’s also stuff I don’t normally do so it’s a little uneasy for me. Sigh. Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “Random Tuesday – basketball, bands, and strange creatures everywhere

  1. I need to google this Pokemon Go business… I have a cousin who keeps posting about it on Facebook, but i have no clue what it’s all about.

    Good luck finding a new fave b-ball player… I had the same problem after my favourite hockey player got traded and I never really did find a good quality replacement for him in my heart.

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