Random Tuesday – Cheap glasses, lightning bugs, impending travel

Stacy Uncorked
  • I spent a good amount of time last Thursday perusing my own blog archive. You get sucked into the wormhole if you pick a search term (in my case, I began with “summer”, then went onto “memories”) and then it’s three hours later and time has flown by. I realize, though, that I don’t get as introspective as I used to. I guess you go in phases with stuff; I’ll try to do better. I’m a writer after all.
  • The above said, I was thinking about summer and fireflies last night because we get them around this time. June is THE time for them to come around my back yard. The funny thing is the time in the evening. 8:30 and I see at least 30. 8:50 and they’re straight up gone but it’s not even dark yet. So weird!
  • We’ve reached that muggy time of year; so humid that when I get out of the nice cold air conditioned car, my glasses fog up. So annoying!
  • Speaking of, I got new glasses. I hate selfies but I figure I’ll share it. Maybe if I take more selfies, I’ll like how I look just a little more.new glasses
  • So I got the glasses from zenni.com and I am happy so far. It’s hard to pick glasses through the internet and I tried to get sunglasses in a teen size because the  arms are always a little too long for my head. They go too far behind my ear. The ones I got fit there but they’re too small in general. So I went ahead and ordered another pair and the thing is, I can because they have ridiculously reasonably prices. I got rx glasses and sunglasses for about 40 bucks!
  • Since no one is around in the summer, I have been watching a lot of youtube stuff and to podcasts. My two favorites are Jim Florentine (Rock is dead) and my buddy Razorfist at the Rageaholic. Obviously these veer in the metal/rock areas of life but Razor talks a lot about the state of people today, some politics, and he’s so smart, it’s crazy. (Truth be told, I think he’s kind of attractive but mostly because of his smarts; lol.) The Florentine link – hopefully it works – rants about how rock is dying and there may not be a resurgence. This makes me sick and sad. I’m not totally anti-pop music but I admit that it’s throw-away music. We live in a disposable society and that includes people and talent. I am so sad for the future. I am sure most generations feel this way up the up and coming but God, I honestly think it’s getting worse and worse.
  • We’re currently in the midst of a tropical storm and yeah, it’s been raining since yesterday. It’s supposed to clear out by tomorrow but for today, this is nuts. Trees are down, wind is high, I feel like napping. 🙂
  • I wrote the above yesterday; today it is clearing and I can’t wait to see the sun!

OK, Tuesday Chat

Summer Bucket List!!!  
You don’t want to have a cruel summer, 
so time to plan all the fun. 

Here in Florida, it already feels like summer. We’ve had days in the mid-90s already and as I mentioned above, it’s muggy and we have fireflies. If those don’t say summer, I don’t know what does. SO, the below photo encompasses some of the things we have planned and some things I hope to accomplish in the next couple months.



Next Friday we head to Daytona for a couple days where we stay in a beach front hotel. Then we head to O-town for a couple days at Sea World and their accompanying water park. When we get back, we have a few days until we drive the 17.5 hours to NY where my grandfather’s adopted family has an old farmhouse. (I’ve talked about it before on the blog if you want to search.) They don’t have internet so it’s going to be really interesting having to unplug. I wonder how cell service is!! But my parents, grandfather, aunt, and my sister and her boyfriend will all be there so it’s gonna be pretty cool!

I’m stressed about the travel but you know, I am taking everything one day at a time and I think it’s gonna work out.

Hail summertime!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Cheap glasses, lightning bugs, impending travel

  1. Fireflies! I miss fireflies! They don’t live in this area – apparently they’re unable to cross the Rockies. The luminous varieties didn’t develop originally over here and there’s no convenient way for them to get over here, so they’ve just stayed in the East. I guess someone at some point tried to introduce them to the area, but only released about a thousand or so – they didn’t survive. I wonder if it’s due to the low humidity here vs. out East?

    Your summer plans sound like fun, especially the visit to your adopted grandfather’s farm in NY (well, aside from the 17.5 hour drive, though I’m not opposed to a road trip). 🙂 Can’t wait to hear all about it! 🙂

    Countdown to Summer Break; Cool Monsters, and talking Summer Bucket List with Coffee: RTT Rebel

  2. OMG, fireflies! We called them lighen bugs where I grew up. We don’t have them here in Denver. 😦

    I love you list and am sooooo jealous of the beach house! Here is to a wonderful summer!

    P.S. Love the frames!

  3. I think it’s probably a bit too early here for fireflies — we still have days that are quite cool. Today is only a high of 14 C (57 F) and we have had rain for 2 days straight. Maybe the effects of your tropical storm?? But i notice the skeeters have arrived!! because of course.
    I am personally proud to say that there is more Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys, Van Morrison and U2 on my iPod than Beyonce and company. Not that I dislike her – she’s probably a good role model for young girls – but the music all sounds the same to me. My tech than voice and emotion. And the lyrics are… .what? what ever are they? Gimme some Bob Dylan and a little meaning with my music.
    The Florida trip sounds fun!! When we go to the woods for 2 weeks this summer – No Wifi!! I love it – but the kids, it’s like they left a limb at home. *eyeroll*

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