MMMM + Tropical storm is gonna getchya

Take a look at the radar over Florida. Go on – I’ll wait. Yeah, it’s a wee bit rainy today. It doesn’t look too bad, to be honest. I mean, I have lived through quite a few actual hurricanes so my panic level is always a little lower than some.  ANYWAY…

my weekend. Well, it was both busy and laid back. Friday after Isaac’s swim lesson we met at the mall to eat. I actually read some that night while Ash watched some movie I wasn’t interested in. We did our typical Saturday morning big breakfast and then I got motivated. I cleaned my kitchen and even the dish drainer; that’s some hardcore cleaning. I felt like I’d better get the mowing done too so while Ash puttered around the house, I got all the grass cut. Felt pretty tired but couldn’t sleep so we watched Bloodsport, one of the best fighting movies of Jean-Claude’s career.

That afternoon was Elliot’s end of season baseball party at our coach/friend’s house. We have done this the past few years when on their team and it’s always so fun. Sadly, I failed to take a lot of good pics; I’m kicking myself now of course. The kids got to swim and play ball and there was a ton of food and beer; the perfect get-together. We didn’t get home until 9 and man, I felt so exhausted. I mean, I sat in the chair and just felt like a lump.

Sunday was all rest. Aside from laundry and a trip to the store, we watched movies and hung out. It rained a bit and I just did a whole lot of nothing. The kids were kind of whiny so I don’t know what was up with that. They seem a little more even-keeled this morning so despite the rain, we had a nice morning. I’m trying to break into my day but it’s a bit difficult. My coffee is still trying to course through my veins. Anyway, time for music Monday; be sure to check in tomorrow where I once again talk about the mundane minutia of my life!



Today’s theme is opposites and I am basically playing the first two things that came to mind.

Paul Abdul – of course.

and then I thought of this Beatles tune:

6 thoughts on “MMMM + Tropical storm is gonna getchya

  1. Absolutely great choices… you got it down pat!!! As far your weekend etc. I never did that much when my kids were little and I was in my youth. I’m tired just reading it! You go girl!!!!! You are definitely Mom/Wfie of the year!!! Whew… I’m tired! ~hehehe~

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