Random Tuesday – I’m just mentally exhausted

Stacy Uncorked
  • Without being too cryptic, is it every family that has issues? I mean, at some point, doesn’t everyone within a family have issues with some other member? My parents came into town Friday and everything was very good until Sunday night when my mom was clearly very annoyed with me. It apparently had to do with me telling my kids to go to bed and therein lies the issue, always. I have rules as the mom and she’s the grandma and her ideas are different. I don’t want to overreact but we all go to a farmhouse in rural New York in three weeks and I hope to God the difference will be that we have so many other people. I don’t know; I cannot stress about the myriad things out of my control either.
  • Both school and baseball are over. I feel like there needs to be an emoticon that perfectly captures the feeling of happy/sad/relieved all at once. I like baseball season, even though it seems very long. Especially since, when you think about it, we have been doing a sport almost entirely nonstop since the end of August. There’s a week off here and there for holidays but for the most part, flag football rolls right into soccer which rolls right into baseball. We do have a party next Saturday with the team to hang out and do trophies and all but then it’s right on to our Summer activities.
  • The boys were off to camp today and they were super excited. The day camp they go to IS pretty awesome. They have really great coaches/counselors and always have a ton of fun. They go skating and swimming and have really cool activities. Sometimes when I drop them off, I wish I could stay there instead of going to work.

OK Tuesday Chat time!

“What are you bored of? Has something reached its 15 minutes and just needs to go?”

I don’t want to be super jaded and depressing so I won’t talk about what I was just thinking: I’m a little bored with life right now. I am so busy with the family life that I don’t have time to be happy or appreciate anything. I need to find a way to get excited again.

BUT, if I had to pick something that I am over, it would be the way social media goes crazy stupid over stuff. Some examples: the gorilla incident, the Cap going Hydra incident, any time Trump says anything or Hillary uses email. I mean, why do we need to get all up in arms over every. little. thing? I get so sick of hearing everyone’s two cents. Most people who do a lot of talking are the dumbest too, amiright? It gets so old – the fact that we can be up in the world’s business. It used to be if you wanted to be informed, you bought the newspaper or watched 60 Minutes. Now, we can barely get away from any of this stuff and I honestly think it is changing our society for the worse.

But hey, let’s not end on a sour note. I have some stuff I am really looking forward to like Alice Cooper in August and even though I have to solo parent and travel soon, we will be going to the beach and Sea World!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – I’m just mentally exhausted

  1. It’s difficult for grandmas to not overstep their bounds. Have you talked to her about it? Sometimes they might know about your “rules of the house”, they don’t fully understand and maybe this is what she needs to hear from you. Oh, well…I hope things are resolved before your upcoming lengthy vacation under the same roof. There’s nothing like new tensions to build on top of old ones. The media distorts the truth and covers the lies. They don’t know the first thing about bias free, clear cut reporting of the actual facts. Their agenda is to mislead the public pure and simple. Oopsie, am I ranting? Mez sorry! *blush* It’s been awhile since I’ve visited you and for that I’m truly sorry. This past year has been a bit crazy with DH out of work. *sigh* Enjoy your summer. Things are starting heat up in Tennessee and I know It’s getting hot in your neck of the woods. I think it’s time to slip away to the mountains to get a refreshing breeze to sweep across my skin. 🙂

    1. She said something hurtful about my husband back in November and I wrote her a long email. So yes, we did talk it out in terms of overstepping boundaries. I let some of it go because she just found out that she was let go from her job. And as you now know, it’s never easy. Thanks for stopping by; I always appreciate a kindword/comment/advice!

  2. When life is nothing but work and taking care of the family, it’s easy to become tired of it all. Is there a way you can do some small something for yourself, something you love and enjoy, even for just 10 minutes a day? It helps, i promise.

  3. Oh my, grandparents definitely have a way of over stepping their boundaries – do I know it!! Thankfully in my situation is not all that bad – just minor stuff that I am sure is a “generational” thing. There are no hurt words exchanged or anything like that. I think a lot of it stems from not seeing me as an actual grown up some times. I don’t need to be parented anymore..but still I get the *tongue clucking* followed by *weary sigh* a lot….. and gosh that makes me want to stamp my foot! LOL
    I can say I 100% did not like the Cap is Hydra thing. No way. But, that’s all I need to say about it. Why go on about it? Or the GiveCapABoyfriend thing either. Not because I am against that, but because like you say, it’s just evidence of everyone having an opinion and an overwhelming urge/need to share it whether anyone wants to hear it or not. There’s a big need to feel validated and “seen” by a lot of these people. Because let’s just say it like it is: if you had a bigger life, you wouldn’t need some stranger on the web, or Hollywood, to validate your existence.
    When life is busy, but without any purpose to all the rushing around — that’s the only time I find I can get bored. Because there is no substance to what I am rushing about for, or, I just forgot what the substance was supposed to be. When you lose sight of that, I find you lose sight of yourself too. So I find ways to get back to WHY something was important.

  4. Oh man, I can totally empathize! My overbearing aunt is always telling me that she’ll ‘fix’ Little Dude for me (poor kid has ADHD, ODD and anxiety). The truth of the matter, though, is once we finally get a particular behavior under control, my aunt or my sister or any well-meaning person does something that totally unravels it. His crocodile tears fool them every time! 🙂

    YES!!! I agree 1000% with you on social media. No brain, no headache with some of those people.

    Oooooh! SeaWorld!!!! Jealous!!! 🙂

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