Wednesday Hodgepodge – It’s June??

I don’t know why the formatting keeps getting messed up when I add the button for this so I am sorry!

1. Tell us about one fun thing on your June calendar.
We have a few but one of them I’ll pinpoint is a trip to Sea World. I lived in Orlando for three years and within decent driving distance all my life so it’s not new or exciting but the kids have not been and I think it’ll be cool to go. My sister is anti-Shamu and all that but I am still thinking we’ll have fun.
2. How careful are you in the sun? Do you tan or burn? Do you make it a point to see the dermatologist every year?
Admittedly, not as careful as I maybe should be. I like to get a base tan so I use Australian Gold spf 15 bronzer for short periods of time. At the beach this past time though, I waited too long to apply the good stuff and did end up burning.


I normally tan just fine but too much and I will burn.
I do not see a dermatologist but I am sure I will at some point in my life.
3. Describe a time when you wanted to ‘throw in the towel’?
Every day? LOL. No, I can’t think of one time in particular but some days, I just don’t feel like adulting, parenting, working, etc. And it’s always some little thing that does me in too. Like, the one millionth whine or complaint from a kid. Or someone will drop something and that will shatter my exterior I’ve built up; the one that allows me to push on through when all is in chaos.
4. What’s a song you love that has a day of the week in the title or lyrics?
For fun, I am going to say “Fruitcakes” by Jimmy Buffet because I love the line, “There’ a thin line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.”


5. Are you a fan of berries? Which one’s your favorite? What’s the most recent berry dish you’ve eaten? Which blueberry breakfast food appeals to you most-blueberry pancakes, blueberry yogurt, or a blueberry muffin?
Yes! And I have been better about eating them lately. I love me a raspberry. I have to go with blueberry muffins; a true staple.
6. What’s something you want to do before your next birthday?
Go and do what I can. I know that’s broad but I am trying to seize any opportunities that arise. I’ve done a good job so far: Def Leppard, random baseball games, Alice Cooper in August! Yeah, those kinds of things. If it comes up, take it.
7. June 1st is National Say Something Nice Day, so let’s all say something nice here.
I want to thank anyone who is still reading this blog. Even if you don’t comment, I still really appreciate it. I know I read a lot of blogs without ever saying a thing so again, thank you.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
As mentioned in my blog yesterday, I have been so busy being a mom and wife and employee that I have not really had time to do things for me or even assess how I feel about things. I’m not unhappy per se, but I’m not really in a good frame of mind either. I don’t know how else to explain it other than neutral. I don’t want to be neutral; I’d like to be happy or hopeful or satisfied. I guess I’m not UN-any of those things. But I don’t FEEL any of them either. Is this a normal adult thing?  I realized a few months ago that I hadn’t looked forward to anything in a while and even when cool stuff was coming up, the feeling wasn’t the same as when I was younger. There was a certain excitement and anticipation I felt knowing something awesome would happen soon.
How does one fix this problem?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – It’s June??

  1. In regards to your closing thought, I think it might be a normal adult thing… I remember wondering that back when the Twilight movies were coming out. Yes, I know, it’s shameful, but I was a Twihard. A few friends and I always saw the movies at the midnight premiere. The first few, I would get SO pumped about, like butterflies in my stomach excited – but by the last one, the feeling wasn’t the same. I think I grew out of that excitement or something. I still look forward to things, but that giddy hyper feeling doesn’t seem to come around very often anymore, not even right before a big vacation or an event I’m super pumped about.

  2. I think it’s probably a normal adult thing. I do try to pencil things in on the calendar, particularly trips I want to take and visits with family because having something to look forward to makes life sweeter. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It’s June 5th and I have spent the day catching up with all thing blog.

    I saw your comment on my “about me” page and am so glad I did. I too have a new space to visit, yeah!

    My June calendar consists of birthday parties and home improvement projects. School is out and the kids are sleeping in making my mornings my own again. The world is a bit quieter for a few months. 🙂

    I see a dermatologist every three months, but that is a blog post for another day. I will not bore you with that but simply leave you with this, be good to to you skin, it will be good to you:-) .

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