MMMM + I have a literal ton on my plate

Blaaarrrggghhh. You ever just wake up and feel like THAT sound personifies every feeling you have? Yeah, that would be today. Granted, I got some pretty good sleep last night. The two nights prior, I definitely did not. I don’t know what was going on Friday in the middle of the night – no, wee morning hours because we actually stayed up until 12 watching 10 Cloverfield Lane – but there was a very close helicopter over our house and it came and went about 10 times. We live pretty close to the hospital so I get it but I started to feel like it might have been a major accident. However,  I could find nothing about it on the news! Also, there was a scene in the movie where, uh, vehicles (no spoiler zone here) were flying close to the ground so in my mid-sleep stupor, hearing the copter over and over kind of irked me.

ANYway, we decided to drive to Torreya state park Saturday morning to do a bit of hiking. Weather was great for it and we had a good time, though the kids got a bit whiny. They did enjoy the playground and it was nice to walk somewhere outside of town, though we have some nice hiking at Tom Brown. As we got back to town (it’s about 55 mins away) we went to Sonny’s and then after, I took Elliot to his friend’s house where I left him. It’s so different when one kid spends the night somewhere. getting rid of 1/3 really changes the house dynamic. After naptime, Ash took Isaac to a movie and D and I went to Target and Publix. We topped the night off with Big Easy Snowballs (snowcones, but they refuse to call them that; we know b/c we play baseball with their kid) and then Ash and I watched Zoolander 2. It was funnier than I thought it would be, honestly. But another night staying up later than I normally do.

SO, Sunday began with the normal stuff: cleaning, laundry, and a quick 3 miler. I picked Elliot up around noon and went to the store. As usual, our afternoon was kids in the pool and drinking beer. We ended the night with steak, corn, and mashed potatoes, but I admittedly ate too much and felt gross. BUT, all in all, a very good weekend.


Well, we have another freebie week so let me see what I can dredge up.

You know me; I don’t pass up chances to share my imaginary second husband with you: Bruce Dickinson and Tears of a Dragon. Solo stuff.

And while we’re there, how about Man of Sorrows as well? This is post-haircut so of course, GUH.

Admittedly, I let youtube guide me and it was suggested I then listen to Dio. You all know Holy Diver, right? Also,  it’s the anniversary of Ronnie James Dio’s death (yesterday I think), may he rest in peace.

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