Friday Five – Just trying to make it through

Five Thoughts:

  1. Yay, Friday! I feel like it has been a very busy week, full of both good things and strife. I am really ready for a beer and the beach! Though that has to wait a week. We go to St. George with our friends next Saturday. Oh for joy!
  2. Elliot’s team won on Wednesday against a team who previously beat them 12-0. I was overjoyed to hear it! I love to see someone come back from defeat. Granted, his team has improved immensely. Kids who couldn’t hit in the beginning are getting hits and they are also fielding better. This is pretty much the only baseball I like: when my kid is playing. LOL.
  3. We have some stuff going on that I’m not at liberty to divulge but suffice to say, I am a little stressed/worried and desperately trying to feel like everything will be ok. I guess that’s called having faith. Maybe I should work on that.
  4. I really wanted to hike some trails at Torreya state park this weekend but I’m not sure we can make it happen. We have our yearly termite folks coming out tomorrow and you know how those appointments go. They set you a four hour span in which to expect them. But if we do end up out there, I want to be sure to get a rock. See, some people believe – or, it is one of those old country myths – that this area is actually the Garden of Eden, because four rivers converge here and they have plants and trees that all occur in one area, where that basically never happens. ANYWAY, the reason I want a rock is because I watch these two youtubers who go to Disney all the time and people send them things from all over. They have a rock garden and I thought it would be cool to send them that.
  5. I am really hoping they let us go early today. How nice would it be to have some extra time? I could mow my back yard, drink some beer, clean my house even!

Five Photos:

When we were at my parents’ house, Dakota finally reconciled with their friends’ dog, Belle.


IMG_1449 (1)





And your weekly rock star pic:3668917a9107a88ad40cb6791bd7efc8

And now I’m dead. peace out; have a good weekend!

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