Random Tuesday – Get the IV; I need coffee

Stacy Uncorked
  • Some days you just want to groan. Or curse loudly. Or both. Today is one of those days. I just feel so… BLAH. The weather doesn’t help; it’s supposed to rain for the next three days. Though we need it, I am not feeling this dull gray sky and cloying humidity.
  • So I mentioned yesterday how a low flying helicopter kept circling my neighborhood Friday night. I’m convinced they were looking for someone. And this bothers me. Couple this with the fact that last week, two randoms were picked up on campus. One dude grabbed a girl’s butt in broad daylight! Like, at noon on a busy grassy area of campus. And the other was at 7 am. A guy started yelling at a woman running (she was a campus PD dispatcher actually). He yelled and cursed at her, then started chasing so she stood and faced him. They had a brief struggle and he ran. Though they did get both these guys, what gives? I mean, if we aren’t safe when the sun is out and people are around, then when are we? Right?
  • OK, that was depressing. Maybe I need to be happier. Oh screw it. I am just downright cranky this week.
  • Have you heard of this Melissa store where they sell shoes that smell like gum and crap? They are also apparently jelly shoe throwbacks. Remember those? If you’re my age or older you do. They were the original uncomfortable plastic shoe (sorry, Crocs) and the worst was getting a pebble wedged in there on the playground. Also, I don’t want my shoes to smell like any kind of food product. Gross.
  • OK, onto the Tuesday Chat

“My home still has several projects requiring starting or finishing. I hate leaving something unfinished. Are you a starter or a finisher?”

HA! OK, so Ash and I have this joke about how he always wants to begin projects but hates finishing them or maintaining anything. I am good at maintaining stuff and finishing if I have to.  But truth be told, I start stuff and don’t finish it all the time.

Last year I began bullet journaling and then it turned into more of an art journal. And then I just lost all inspiration.

I have begun baby books and only half-assed them in the end.

BUT, I have trained for half marathons and completed them.

I have started small projects in the house and finished, like painting rooms or reorganizing closets.

If it’s something I can get done in a short amount of time, I will always finish. If it’s a more drawn out project, it may take time. At the moment, I am still working on my battle vest. And actually, I have added the Flight 666 patch right above the Killers one. The thing holding me back now is that those were actually sew-on and the others I have are iron-on. Except everything I read says the iron-ons won’t actually stay on denim. So I shall sew them. But it’s a lot harder to get the needle through because of the backing. So my poor hand is putting off having to do it.


Honestly, when will I wear this? I don’t know but it’s an art project nevertheless and some day, I WILL finish.


4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Get the IV; I need coffee

  1. I know what the hell is wrong with some people a person male, female or whatever should be able to wonder around during the daytime and nighttime as well without some dickhead harassing them but it isn’t the case was it ever truly safe to wonder the streets after dark we think it was way back when but really was it maybe not who really knows not me that’s for sure

  2. what the heck — I cannot believe he grabbed her butt? why, why would you do that – it’s 2016!!! Good for the other women who stopped and stood up to the other lunatic though. Geez. Locking my doors always.

    That jacket is going to look great and you must wear it somewhere when it’s done! I am fierce about organizing and decorating. I will go all day long to get the room done. Or my garden, I could work tirelessly. But all those photos I talk about printing and putting in albums or scrapbooks? Probably never gonna happen. Maybe. IDK.

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