MMMM + post-mother’s day

Hail and good tidings!

I am churning through work this morning and it feels good to get things done. I do have a long to-do list and I’m not going to let it intimidate me.

SO, weekend recap: good! Ash and I went to Elliot’s classroom Friday for a parents celebration. While most schools did a mother’s day thing only, his room did both because father’s day is in June and they won’t get to celebrate that. It was nice: they gave us cake and had made little cards saying what they appreciate. Normally the boys go to aftercare but since we were there, we went home and relaxed before picking up Dakota and heading home. Elliot had a baseball game – which they won – and we weren’t home until nearly 9. Those Friday games are killer.

On Saturday, we did our usual breakfast and then Ash took all three kids to a birthday party. I was going to work in the yard but my friend wanted to go to Body Pump. That was probably a better way to spend an hour though. Admittedly, I did eat a lot of Mexican for lunch to make up for those calories burned. 😉

Sunday was likewise pretty good. My family managed to get up and ready by 8 so we could go to breakfast. I would eat breakfast food for every meal so I was in heaven. Around 10, both boys went to their friends’ house so it was quiet! Actually, I worked in the yard and Ash stayed inside with Dakota. It was actually quiet cathartic to cut down the overgrowth. The rest of my day included beer, tanning, and the pool. It was, all in all, a fabulous day and it ended with lasagna. Things don’t get much better, y’all.


Hey hey, freebie week!!


SO, I’m feeling hair metal this week. Let’s go all out.

Yngwie is more classical metal but there’s a lot of hair involved.

Oh Crue, how I wish I had been able to see you before you quit touring.

Ratt, one of the originators of this genre. Get it, Ratt!

And L.A. Guns. Because they are awesome.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + post-mother’s day

  1. Well, first of all I would like to thank you so much for sticking with us and ROCKIN’ IT OUT every Monday. You’re duh best. You know I never really liked metal, but these aren’t too bad. Especially the first one I can actually understand the words and great beat. Oh and wow, well… go figure… no wonder we get along so well. I am a breakfast person too. Love, love, love to have breakfast food 24/7. I love it! Plus I love Lasagna too. My kids love when I make. My gramma was full-blooded Sicilian and she taught me how to cook. So the kids are always begging me to make that or they love my breaded steak and breaded cauliflower. Yummmmm oh darn now I have to make the steak and cauliflower. All I have to do is think of it and I get a taste for it. bwahahahaha YOU’VE ROCKED THE HOUSE MY FRIEND! Have a rockin’ week.

  2. I had a good Mother’s Day spent the day with family, I also made sure both boys Blain & Leo had money to spend at the Mother’s Day stall at school, Father’s Day here is in September so still a ways off.

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