Friday Five – Not enough coffee in the world

Five Thoughts:

  1. SO, Dakota… my sweet little girl… was a huge pain last night. For starters, she didn’t fall asleep until 9:30, which is way late for her. Secondly, she woke at about 4:25, wide awake, angry at first, then hungry. So I am pretty darn sleepy this morning. Though she seems to be doing just fine. OF COURSE.
  2.  Her school had Muffins for Mom this morning but I did not partake. I’m too tired to interact with people and I had to take the boys to school. It’s too bad; that’s a really nice thing for them to do.
  3. I have A LITERAL TON of grading to do today but I am going to get it done. Because Elliot’s class is having some kind of parents celebration around 2. I have to work hard until then.
  4. It’s time to reorder some of the most used items in my life: Young Living peppermint essential oil and their blend, RC, that helps with congestion. Also, Lush’s Silky Underwear dusting powder. Summer is coming and that’s something I use every day. I just need to make time to do this!
  5. Our weather has been so nice this week. It’s been low to mid 50s in the morning and only high 70s by evening. I am loving it! It’s been great for running too but my knee is acting up and it’s hurting pretty much every time I walk. I guess I had been take my glucosamine and use the elliptical for a bit.



Five Photos:


These flowers somehow revived!


I shared this Weds but do you see how close we were?? I am still not over it.


Last week I got my ten year plaque


This is what I’d rather be doing today


I’m going to write a self help book and title it, “Help, I’m in love with Bruce Dickinson”

Because he’s the best rock star EVER

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