The in-between times

I wanted to blog yesterday but I was so overwhelmed by grading that I just couldn’t get anything written. It’s finals week so students aren’t around as normal and we’re heading into the down week before Summer terms begin. If you don’t frequent college campuses, then it’s probably hard to imagine what it is like to work on one when the students are gone. Suffice to say: quiet. Peaceful though. I always look forward to summer in that way. Though it can be boring as well.

So I wanted to ruminate on things that are going on now, because I feel like I have been so wrapped up in them that I haven’t written or even processed them myself.

  • Elliot had a hit in last night’s game; a good one too. He clocked it right out over the second baseman’s head. It would appear he only gets hits in games I do not attend. I would love to be there to witness it; I get so proud of my kids’ successes, you know?
  • There’s an award ceremony for FSU employees who have hit their ten year mark. Mine is August but I guess now is the ceremony. I wasn’t going to go but I think I will. No one I know will be there. My boss is on a plane to Spain and my husband is at work – it’s Take Your Kid to Work day here. While in some small way it would be nice for others to be there, I’m the kind  of person who’d rather just get my little certificate and move on.
  • I cannot stop listening to this song. I don’t know why but I just love the tune so much.
    And actually, this is not the Stan Bush version but some other guy. I can’t remember his name but on the original Bloodsport soundtrack, there are two versions.
  • I finished grading everything for my FSU class. It seems weird to say that; I’m surprised I even got that all done. But now I feel just exhausted. Unfortunately, I still have journals to grade for my online class. I’m admittedly feeling a little burned out. I noticed I had a sore on the inside of my cheek and I usually get them when I’m feeling stressed. I haven’t actually felt too put out lately but I guess at the end here, my body is finally succumbing.
  • Our brief Daytona vacation later in June has now become a beach/Sea World trip. An opportunity arose and Ash took it, and it means his work puts us up in an Orlando hotel so he chose to buy tickets. I haven’t been to Sea World in I don’t know how long. It might have been 1994. I know we went as soon as we moved to Orlando and then I had no reason to go back. Elliot went with my parents when he was about 3 but other than that, we have avoided it. But now we have tix to there and their assorted other parks. It’s a lot to handle, considering the very weekend after we will be driving 17.5 hours to New York!
  • I always feel weird about feeling overwhelmed by vacation but when you have to plan to be away from work and then handle three kids on multiple trips, it just becomes a lot.

OK, time to wrap up.


One thought on “The in-between times

  1. Vacations are weird like that. I always find myself overwhelmed by the planning and prepping, so much so that sometimes I don’t even look forward to them. I remember last year thinking “why are we even doing this? So much work and preparation to go away for a week.” But now, still months away from my summer vacay, I’m anxious for it to get here. I can’t wait.

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