Random Tuesday – Beach, concert, crawfish but first, grading

Stacy Uncorked
  • Sometimes the world is a mystifying place. Like, how is it that I have been getting such good sleep lately? Normally I wake up once or twice a night, just enough to be uncomfortable and feel the effects in the morning. But not in the past few weeks. No, I’ve slept right on through until the alarm goes off.
  • Unfortunately, I think the hard sleep has affected my back – i.e. it is killing me. I can normally touch my toes, no problem. But I am having issues even reaching the ground. I am also doing Body Pump today, which may or may not be a good idea!
  • So we leave for Pensacola this weekend but I can’t decide if we should go Saturday night or Sunday morning. They’re having a crawfish festival downtown on Sunday and truth be told, I kinda want to go to it.
  • I’d also like to go to the beach on Monday before our concert. I am only slightly worried that Def Lep might be disappointing. Our friend said he saw them three years ago and would have dubbed them Tone Def Leppard. Ugh. Admittedly, Drew has walked out of movies he didn’t like and literally waited outside the theater for us. He’s pretty darn discerning. And picky. SO, here’s hoping it’s a good show. To me,  a band wouldn’t go back on tour if they sounded like crap.
  • I’m hardcore putting off all my grading but I vowed to do it today. To at least get through a big chunk. You know how it goes: you dread it but once you get some done, you feel ten times better about your life. I just have to get there.

OK, Tuesday Chat time!

“It’s a Random Chat. Pick a topic, let loose a rant, explain American politics to me… whatever your mind needs to release. “


If I could explain what the hell was going on in politics I would but I have no idea! If I had to guess, there are about 4-5 clowns, all standing in a ring with hungry tigers all around them and only they have to battle it out. Meanwhile, the circus crowd has gone home because we’re tired of this kind of entertainment.

SO, let’s see. What do I need to rant about? The transgender bathroom issue? Who cares? We all have to go to the bathroom and let’s face it: a woman has just as much chance of being followed into her specific gendered bathroom by a rapist as anyone who shares said bathroom with a transgender person, who probably is not a rapist. That was a confusing sentence but honestly, why can’t we use our brains about these things?

Let’s see, what else? Beyonce’s new album? Don’t care. Jay-Z cheated? Not surprising. Guys are d-bags.

Um, I am annoyed by the rules in Elliot’s baseball league. If a kid gets hit, he doesn’t even get to take a base. He ain’t hurt, let him run! All you moms who freak out over slight/minor injuries can kiss my ass. No one is getting concussions as much as you think and kids are resilient. Let them get hurt and dirty and learn. There are no bubbles for kids.

OK, that’s all the ranting I’ve got in me today. Happy Tuesday!

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Beach, concert, crawfish but first, grading

  1. I haven’t been to a Def Leppard concert myself, but friends of mine did a few years ago and they said it was really good…so I hope you aren’t disappointed and enjoy them too! Have a fun trip!

  2. Funny how actually getting good nights sleep ends up messing something else up, like your back. I have the same problem – I keep telling the hubby we need a new mattress. 😉

    Ooooh, Pensacola! I visited there once! Loved it! If it were me, I’d totally go Saturday night so you can do the crawfish festival – plus enjoy some extra time in that beautiful area. 😉

  3. It is now Wednesday as I read this, and have to say why does the name Pensacola always sound exciting to me, I have never been there and will never go there so no idea why the name excites me

  4. I have the opposite problem lately. I can’t sleep! Woke up so late this morning, but only slept about 5 hours. I, too, have a pile of grading calling my name. Clowns. That’s good! I never would have thought of that word to describe our possible Presidents, but it sure fits. And I so agree with you about the baseball rule. We don’t have that rule, but it would suck if we did. They have on a helmet, so they’re not gonna have a head injury, and most of the time, our kids get hit in the knee, leg, or foot. Take a base! Have a great week!

  5. Ha – that’s probably the best description of American politics I’ve heard so far. 🙂
    Beyonce and Jay-Z – who cares right? What I hate is that woman mentioned in the piece is getting all the hate; and not the cheating man. Like what are y’all thinking? She somehow tricked Jay-Z into falling into her vagina??!! Please. Just further proof that celebrities will sell anything about themselves to remain relevant.
    As for the bathroom issue – -why is having one single stall bathroom available for anyone who wants to use it – whether families with children, transgendered, whatever – not the most obvious practical solution? But, if I am being very technical, I think it’s also pretty obvious that you should use the bathroom that corresponds to the pee equipment you have. LOL I do confess, I probably would not enter a bathroom alone, or with my young girls, if I saw what was clearly (physically) a man standing in there. Sorry, but I am a mom first and when protecting my children from any possible danger; I don’t give a rats ass about your feelings. And if you were a decent person BEFORE you were a transgendered person, you would get that. Teaching my children to be Safe, is not equivalent to teaching them hate. That will never be taught in my home.

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