Friday Five – Making it

Five Thoughts:

  1. I tried to blog more this week but my Wednesday prompty thing was on vacation and yesterday was just busy. But I guess being productive in real life is a better way to spend time. Now to find the motivation to do just that!
  2. This was a weird week but the weekend should be ok. We don’t have any kid plans but we’re probably going out to dinner with a friend on Saturday. Hopefully we’ll have beer and burgers. That’s kinda my favorite. Maybe we’ll go to Midtown Caboose, which has wonderfully creative burgers and a nice outdoor area.
  3. Today is officially the last day of the semester, though I taught my last class Wednesday. I have so many under my belt now, it’s just another ending, I guess. I began teaching in the Fall of 2004 so it’s been nonstop ever since. One freshman composition class after another!
  4. I am going on Isaac’s field trip today, which is to the local park to walk nature trails. Presumably this is to facilitate what they’ve learned leading up to Earth Day. Should be nice out for it and I don’t typically pass up a chance to walk in the woods.
  5. Got my windshield replaced yesterday because last week I noticed a small ding that then grew into a crack about 2 feet long. If you have seen those Safelite commercials, I want to attest to the fact that they are accurate. I scheduled it through my insurance but the guy called me around 8 am to tell me what time he thought he’d be there. Then he called when he arrived, I walked to my work parking lot to meet him, but then I got to keep working. He called when he was done and I met him to sign some final paperwork. It was so easy!

Five Photos:


Isaac and his friends today; not the best pics


RIP Prince


Bruce Dickinson is perfect


I think I need this


Game of Thrones Sunday; yessssssssssss!

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