Random Tuesday – Out of sorts, need a change

Stacy Uncorked
  • I feel exasperated about everything and everyone. Is it so much to ask for, like, one day to myself? I want to spend it reading MY books and eating food only I like and truth be told, I want to do something bad. Like, spend money I don’t have or smoke a clove cigarette or just something indulgent. I can’t be the only mom – or person – who gets to this point now and then, right?
  • I think we’re just at that time of the year where you’ve been going so long now – in school, at work – that it feels old and worn. I know I am ready for some kind of break. The kids are ready for the end of school, though they have a month and a half. I need a change of scenery. This class I was teaching was utterly irritating and difficult and I am not sorry to see it end!
  • Maybe I just need a project or some kind of new goal. I have been running and it’s still enjoyable but I have no race in mind and it’s getting out of season anyway – due to heat. So maybe that’s my problem. I just need another hobby other than music. I mean, I always have that.
  • I wrote the previous three bullets yesterday and I have to say, I am feeling a lot better today. I was harboring some residual anger towards my husband but I couldn’t honestly tell you why. But I am happy with everyone today, including my kids, who were well-behaved this morning. When they aren’t whiny, the mornings go so much more smoothly!

OK, Tuesday Chat time!


“Spring Clean! What do  you do to prepare for the new season?”


I’m sort of frazzled these days but a few years ago, I’d always open my whole house up. I’d pick a particularly breezy day, open up all doors and windows, then dust and vacuum. 987a66b72c155e852eb229599f71d345


I’d usually pair this with cleaning things I forget about: the microwave, the fronts of the cabinets, the sliding door track. You know, the things we look over time and again, though think for fleeting moments to clean now and then.

I will say, I swept and washed floors this past weekend AND cleaned the microwave. What I need to do next is be sure all coats and other winter accouterments are put back into bins and then I also want to clear out closets. I am sure we all have clothes in there that we’ll never wear again.

It’s nice to acknowledge that the seasons are changing and that you have a chance for a fresh start. This topic really paired well with my theme of needing change. If you have any suggestions on how to get out of a rut, please, by all means, let me know!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Out of sorts, need a change

  1. I think sometimes (oftentimes) as moms/women we buy into the idea that we are not allowed to have bad days/weeks/months. We are, just like everybody else. Wallowing doesn’t help, necessarily, but allowing ourselves to be in a rut is okay, occasionally. It is during these times that I am able to rest my mind and body and dig deep to find the core of a problem I may be having. You are a hard-working, busy wife and mother. You are entitled to your days off. Take care!

  2. I think we moms all definitely reach that point of our life seeming to be a never ending task of Doing. For Others. Right now mom I need it NOW!! LOL I mean, yes! It gets weary at times. Especially if no one is ever doing for US. It’s just expected from us. So al the more important that we make ourselves take the time – or else: hello rut! I think it perfectly normal at the change of seasons to be in that mindset. Clearing away all the stuff of the past, and making way for new good stuff. I certainly feel like my mind is cluttered if my surroundings are cluttered and look out because my mood will not be good!
    And sometimes just suck. Because there are people there and they annoy you. for no good reason. the nerve of them!!! LOL
    Yes, definitely signs you need a change of scene, so my best advice is do exactly that! Go some place new. Try something new. Just pick one thing even, and switch it up.

  3. YES! I can totally absolutely 100% relate. Change of scenery, break, whatever – I need it, too. So you are definitely not alone! 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder of the microwave needing a good cleaning – for some reason I seem to be the only one who wipes it out after I’ve used it, even though all I use it for is to heat up my coffee creamer in the morning (so fresh from the fridge it doesn’t cool down my coffee…heh!) or steam veggies. The hubby and Princess Nagger use it to make microwave popcorn or heat random stuff up to eat snack-wise, and either forget to wipe it out, or do so only halfheartedly. I probably need to train them better. And it’s time to whip out the Liquid Gold and freshen up the cupboard doors! 🙂

    Fuzzy Raymond Reddington; Funny Giggles; and Spring Clean Chatting with Coffee: RTT Rebel

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