mmmm + I don’t even wanna talk about my weekend

I guess I CAN talk about my weekend. I just kinda don’t want to. Let’s bullet it. That’d be easier.

  • Ash and I had a nice lunch/movie date, even though I began my Friday angry at him for being judgy
  • We saw “Criminal”, which wasn’t bad but has a bad title
  • That night, we went out for hibachi for Isaac’s sixth birthday and everyone had a good time and behaved
  • Saturday, Ash ran a 5k that we took and picked him up from, which was fine but I felt exasperated
  • We then napped before taking our kids and their two friends to Skyzone, the trampoline place. It is loud and annoying but we managed to get through it
  • But I think the aftermath of Dakota being sick and then that craziness made us all just cranky
  • Sunday began much better for me: I ran 3.5 miles then mowed all the lawns. But after that, I just felt irritated by everyone
  • I ended my weekend the way I began it: annoyed by my husband. All minor things, to be clear. It was mostly my own issues but thank god that weekend is over.



Freebie week!

Geez, I’m not even sure what I want to play today. Let’s dig deep into the Iron Maiden songbook to see if I can play stuff I haven’t chosen before.

I really like this song and disagree with people who don’t care for this album. Most hardcore Maiden fans like this album just fine but some people don’t think they have made good music since the Fear of the Dark record. It’s not true though!

And one of my favorite songs of theirs, Infinite Dreams. I chose the live version because why the heck not?


5 thoughts on “mmmm + I don’t even wanna talk about my weekend

  1. I haven’t heard anything about Iron Madden in a long time, but never been a real big fan either. Second song isn’t too bad I guess. Have a great rockin’ week. Did you get my message regarding you being our Spotlight Dancer for next monday and please email me your pick for the theme. THANKS ASAP!!!!

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