Friday Five – measly attempt at blogging today

Five Thoughts:

The case of the missing neighbours:  In our nearly 11 years of living in our current home, the neighbors to our left have been a thorn in our side. For one, they don’t take care of their home. It’s falling apart. And the second mark against them is the fact that for a very long time, they fed all the stray neighborhood cats, who then spawned, and then used our yard as their litter box. It went on a long time and we contacted the city, etc. Then a tree of theirs fell on our house and we were forced to speak to them. Turns out, the man is fairly smart. However, he and his wife are both grossly obese and hoarders. Well, to make this story short, we haven’t seen them around in a while. I’m talking weeks. They usually sit outside because she has a lot of container plants in the driveway. Well, one of their cars is gone and the other hasn’t moved. Though it does appear they stopped the mail. It’s a very odd situation.

The case of the on-going sickness: Yes, Dakota was sick aaaaall week. She finally went back to school today but let me tell you, it was a trying time. I took her to the doc at last yesterday and it is an ear infection; antibiotic prize for the little one! She is feeling MUCH better today but it was rough. I think it’s made both my husband and myself cranky. It seems like no one was happy this morning. On top of that, now MY throat hurts. UGH.

The case of the judgy husband: So I bought a pair of cheap canvas shoes at Target that resemble Converse because a.) I needed some black non-sandal type shoes and b.) they were cheap. Also, they look good with this new pair of jeans. And my husband was all, wow, I guess if you’re gonna do it then, go full 80s. As if I am trying to be something specific. I feel very defensive because I am not trying to BE anything. I just do. I think he thinks I am trying to fit in with a certain crowd. Trust me, if that were the case, I wouldn’t be into music that no one else I know in real life likes. Believe you me!

The case of the six year old’s birthday: Isaac turns 6 today but I feel like we have kind of messed up his day. Since we began with arguing, it doesn’t feel like a happy day. I did give him new shoes and a Star Wars shirt and Ash got him a bunch of stuff he’ll get later. We plan to go to dinner but tomorrow is the issue. He wanted to go to Skyzone (the indoor trampoline place) and we told him he could invite two friends. So he’s actually invited Sam and his brother, Max, who is Elliot’s friend. I have to plan ahead though because you have to buy tickets for a certain time. I am stressed because it all seems messed up due to being off with the sick kid. And then I feel like poor Isaac – poor middle child – is getting the short end of the stick.

The case of the unfinished blog post: I don’t know why but I cannot make time for blogging anymore. I mean, I DO, but it is difficult. I suppose it’s just been this off week but ugh. I want to still write, I do. I just cannot manage these daily posts when my life is seemingly so stressful!

Five Photos:

I’m sorry folks but I don’t have time to upload any and I’m just trying to catch up after this rough week. I hope all have a great weekend!


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