MMMM + What a Monday it is!

Yes, already it has been a day. I forgot my work key in the weird morning we had. Last night, Dakota said she didn’t feel good and indeed, she felt really hot. Well, this morning she’s definitely sick. Ash is staying with her in the morning and I’ll go home in the afternoon. Despite that, I am in a really good mood. Weird, I know.

Our weekend wasn’t bad at all. On Friday, Ell had a game and only I went with him. It’s too difficult to watch the younger kids and him. Sadly, they played a really good team and got crushed. But the team was ok with it. The other team seemed on average a lot older than our kids. That night, we had a movie night set: where we put the air mattress in the living room and let the kids stay up. Except we all fell asleep watching The Force Awakens. It was a Friday after all.

The next day, I had plans. Oh did I. My main plan was to clean out my car. And I was out there by 8:30. Then by 9:30 I was at Costco. We went to Sonny’s and then at 2, I took Ell to an indoor batting cage place. His coach was having sessions there for a bit and here’s the best part: I left him there. LOL. His coach’s two kids play on his team so he spent the night over there. And actually, he was gone until nearly 5 pm the next day. Man was it ever quiet around my house. My two younger ones don’t fight like Elliot does.

Sunday was pretty relaxed.  I ran a good four miles and then we went to work cleaning out the gutters. Not a fun project but one that needed to get done. As I said, Ell didn’t get ho,me until five and we went o the store and had tacos for dinner. Somewhere in all that we watched a lot of ninja/sword type movies. We even started Red Sonja, which was way better than I thought for an early Arnold movie.


I figure the martial arts movies would be a good segue into today’s prompt, which is a soundtrack or theme song.


Let’s do a couple Jean-Claude movies and then Rocky IV, because why not??

Some of the best movie songs are the ones where the main character has to really think and make a decision. All of these fit the bill!

OK, from Kickboxer:

and from Bloodsport:

and now, Rocky IV:


5 thoughts on “MMMM + What a Monday it is!

  1. I think I saw Kickboxer, but I surely don’t remember the tunes. Pretty intense I’d say and wow that guy is really built… that end of the song… OUCH! I know I couldn’t do that. Rocky’s tune is awesome… that whole movie was awesome. Every part of Rocky was really written well. Mr. Stalone made a whole career out of that film that’s for sure. Great movie!!! Great Post… you’ve rocked the house!!!

  2. Sorry the team lost and your little one is feeling unwell.
    I hope soon she will heal.

    My son’s team also lost one game and tied for the other in the same day.

    I love your idea of the air mattress on the floor. Just reminded me we have one. I’ll have to pull it out sometime.

    Thanks for the music.


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