Friday Five – Slowness

Five Thoughts:

  1. UGH. My work computer is super slow today and when I complain about it, I hear in the echoes of my mind “first world problem.” Don’t we do that so often – complain about minor things and feel put out by them? It’s kind of pathetic. I think I’ll try to be more appreciative today.
  2. Yesterday was National Beer Day so I drank my Trooper that I found in a bottle. (Pic below) I didn’t think I’d be ready for beer after last weekend’s bad beer tasting that resulted in a pretty bad hangover. And then I remembered that if you don’t drink bottom of the barrel beer, you feel a heck of a lot better. How do college students drink that swill? Oof. Poor things.
  3. We have no exciting plans for the weekend. I want to clean out my car and the big thing we need to do is clean out the gutters. I can tell you, that will not be fun but it is pretty necessary.
  4. I have a friend who really likes wrestling and we talk about it often, as I was a pretty big fan in the 80s and then again in the “Attitude Era” as it is now called (about ’97-2002 or so). Because I’m a sucker for nostalgia, I am watching old matches today as it is pretty slow at work. I mean, the semester is winding down and there’s not a lot expected of me right now.
  5. In trying to get some photos off my phone, I decided to plug it into my computer but it’s going so slow. Again, why am I complaining? But still. STILL. This post ain’t going nowhere without it! Sigh.


Five Photos:


Beer day!




This is so serene


Courtesy Fred Deckert: Elliot ran the last quarter mile with Ash last week

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Slowness

  1. You are right though, it is so easy to complain about first world problems and expect things to work. I think we all do it. Our weekend plans involved soccer and a lot of just sitting around doing nothing, it was kind of nice. Thanks so much for linking up! Sorry I am so slow to come comment.

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