Wednesday Hodgepodge – springy

1. Has spring sprung in your little corner of the world? Other than the calendar how would I know? What’s your favorite thing about spring?

Oh Lordy, yes. Though, we had a bit of a revisit from winter this week. Last week all our hedges bloomed and pollen went nuts (as well as my allergies) but then yesterday, it was 37 in the morning but then reached 70, as is the warming trend. I’m hoping for some more mild temps coming out of this cold snap.IMG_20160316_172352
2. Besides the weather, what’s put a spring in your step recently?

Hmm, you’re making me actually evaluate my life. Um, I guess the prospect of a new project (as mentioned yesterday; see: battle jackets) and then yesterday (and maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon) I found out that as opposed to most summers when I get paid for teaching only half the time, they are going to spread the pay out over the whole summer session. This is a huge relief because then I don’t have to stockpile money; I can just continue living as normal.

3. How does Easter impact you?

I’m a semi-heathen these days so not too much. I uphold the non-religious traditions for the kids: baskets, egg hunts, etc. But I am pretty bad about the church side. While I respect my Catholic upbringing and do still hold reverence for the rising of Jesus, I am not entirely invested in the ideas as much.

4. I saw this somewhere on Facebook and thought it would make a fun Hodgepodge question. Which of the following would you find most disappointing…

a just stuffed taco shell breaking open and spilling out before you take the first bite? dropping a just-purchased Starbucks/Dunkin Donuts coffee? opening the peanut butter jar and finding it empty? upending onto the sidewalk a just-purchased ice cream cone? a burnt bagel popping up in your toaster when you’re rushing breakfast? or cutting into an avocado and finding out it’s rotten? 

I’m pretty sure spilling the coffee. I would say the avocado is a close second. I saw this on the net somewhere and this would be the WORST:


5. What’s something held together with tape at your house? Or a paper clip? Or a wing and a prayer?

Hmm, we always have something wrong at our house. It used to be our old washing machine. I had duct tape on a place where the rubber seal had split. As of right now, nothing is bad. I will say, we have tape over a light switch. It’s wired to an outlet and we currently have a bunch of important electronics plugged into it. So it’s tape down and there’s a small sticky note above it that says not to flip it!

6. Do you feel underappreciated? In what way?

At work, no. At home, sometimes. Usually on Sundays is when I feel no one appreciates me. I bust my butt to get the house cleaned and the laundry done and sometimes on that day, my family is extremely lazy and they actually LIKE just sitting around. Meanwhile, I have to be moving, doing something. And I picture myself from an outside view: this whirlwind flying about the house as everyone else is just doing their own thing and not helping out. BUT, I will say that they do stop and recognize what I have done now and then. And I don’t feel so bad.

7. What’s something you’d build if you knew how?

I guess anything made out of wood. I think I’d like to learn how to actually craft something but then again, I think I probably could if I watched enough tutorials. I used to be pretty artsy, back in the day.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

It sounds super cheesy, I know, but I am stoked to create my battle jacket. I have done a bunch of research (it’s a simple craft, I tell you) but now I am looking up patches for it. Oh, and buttons. And maybe some spikes? That’ll come later. I feel like I’m cheating if I buy the iron-on but that’s also easier. I think the originators of this piece of clothing always hand sewed their patches so how authentic do I care for this to be, you know? I’m basically going for the look below and I mean, if I only wear it to a couple shows then try to sell it, I will still have created something. And maybe that’s why I am pumped for it; I just need some kind of other project.0bc3f91ae8421ccad7190b5e7f847d1b


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – springy

  1. I think some of my friends had those vests back in the 80s. They were very popular along with concert shirts. I got rid of all of mine. It’s hard to me to just sit around too. If I know something needs to be done it is on my mind usually until I do it 😉

  2. I think it’s tough for moms to sit around. I mean there’s always something we could be doing, and it’s a battle to let things sit when you know they’re not going to get done without you. Hope you have a great weekend-awesome jacket!

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