Random Tuesday – Shows, battle jackets, back to school

Stacy Uncorked
  • I’m always sort of weirded out when I am in a good mood. Normally I am status quo; just plugging away, getting kids to school, packing lunches, working, etc. But no, I just feel like I’m in a really good mood today. I’m also kind of a skeptic so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  • The kids went back to school after Spring Break today and I’m kind of glad. They always seem better when they’re on a schedule. Though I will say, they were exceptionally good yesterday. They were well-behaved in my office and when we went home, they played outside for a good long while. AND, after Isaac fell asleep on the couch, Elliot was proactive and decided to go clean up all the stuff they left out in the yard. Maybe he really IS nearing nine and starting to mature just ever so slightly.
  • A couple weeks ago I made a list of stuff I need to get done and one of those was get a hair cut. Have I done it yet? Nope. I just cannot seem to make time!
  • Oh, so Sunday is Easter. It also happens to be my birthday. My original plan was to go to the beach that day but the dice rollers – AKA weather folks – say it’s going to be cool and rainy. I really hope they’re wrong, as they so often are. I am due for some sun and sand.45bb9870d355b05ac7c23e1f711a1014

OK, Tuesday Chat time!


This week’s prompt or question is:

“What’s New With You?“

Hmm, well, that’s a good question and one I had to actually think about. Let’s see…

Well, I have gone back to running and I guess the “new” part about it is how easily my body slipped back into it. Sure, the first couple runs were bad but after that, it became easier, more comfortable. I have been doing 2-3 miles during the week and four milers on Sunday. It doesn’t hurt that the weather has been decent for it and I got my new ipod so music definitely helps. Running in itself makes me feel all renewed.IMG_20160301_074517


I mentioned it yesterday but something new I’m looking forward to is the Def Leppard concert in May. I am super pumped because I don’t get to go to many shows anymore. I used to; I’d jump on any that came around and Ash and I ran the punk circuit for a while in our early 20s. But this should be pretty badass because I’ve been a longtime fan. I remember being about 13 and listening to Casey Kasem on Sunday mornings. I had my tape at the ready to record all the songs I really loved. I think that was the year Let’s Get Rocked came out and boy, was that a great song. It’s what prompted me to listen to their other stuff, most of which I had heard in passing. Either way, it should be fun!

Tangentially, I have been thinking a lot about battle jackets lately. It’s not a new concept but I have this idea that the people trying to revive the fashion statement are legendary. I really admire people who keep the past alive and if it means traditions are upheld, more power to them.600de26445d2f9a8285d0ffba6b58f57

So on my docket today is to research whether people are still wearing these to shows and I have half a mind to get one. Hell, it might mean I become pretty handy with a needle and thread!


OK, so that’s what’s new with me, however minor they may be. Have an excellent Tuesday!Bill-and-Ted

12 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Shows, battle jackets, back to school

    1. As many sides as it takes to make it sound like they know what they’re talking about. I find that the weather people are generally pretty off, considering it’s an actual “science”.

      1. They forecast rain for all day Saturday. Nary a drop fell. If you have a weather app, check it a few times a day; you’d be surprised at how often it changes.

  1. Oh, my…you took me back with Casey Kasem and rock concerts, though with me it was the Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Heart, George Thorogood…enjoy your concert! I get to go to a local gig, with my husband sitting in. It has been a while!

  2. Happy (early) Birthday! Crazy that Easter is early this year – I was expecting it in April when I booked a weekend at the ocean for the family this weekend. We’re still going, in spite of the weather reports. 😉 Here’s hoping Sunday gives you the sand and sun you desire! I like the ‘dice rollers’ description. Just like ever other state, here they say “if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes”. It was that way in PA, too. I’d love to get paid big bucks to be wrong all the time… 😉

    I can’t wait to hear about your concert fun! And I’m curious to know if people are wearing those battle jackets, and if so, if you get one or make one. 🙂

    You reminded me that I used to tape my favorite songs on Casey Kasem’s Weekly Top 40 countdown, too!! 🙂

    Murphy’s Law; Gilmore Girls; Fun With Teens; What’s New w/Coffee in a Random Tuesday Thoughts Way

  3. I hope the weather is good for your birthday so you can get to go to the beach, me I am not a beach person I don’t like the sand or more to the point the way the sand gets all over a body in parts that really shouldn’t have sand in them, just saying

  4. Wyld Stallions!!! Awesome. ha. I hear that they are possibly doing another Bill and Ted movie. I would be super stoked and I’m not even ashamed. 🙂
    Oh my, I can remember listening to Casey and recording my fave songs too!!! Didn’t it just drive you nuts when someone talked over the song intro? Gggrrrrr. I kinda miss those days.
    It started snowing here tonight – I hope you get that great weather on your birthday.

    1. Yes! The talking over songs was absolutely the worst. Though if I found those tapes now, i bet I’d feel very nostalgic to hear that kind of little nit-picky thing that irked me back then.

  5. Oh, I hope you get your day at the beach! I am due for one myself – it’s been 9 years this July for me 😦

    I am so excited for you, being able to see Def Leppard! I got to see them on the Hysteria tour back in 1988; Tesla opened and I loved them, too! The only show I’m for sure going to this summer is The Cure, but I am trying to talk myself into going to the Ghost and Rob Zombie shows, both two days apart in May. Not having any concert buddies nearby really sucks sometimes.

    1. I’d kill to see Rob Zombie. I almost went in 1998 but something for school came up. Oddly enough, Tesla is opening for Def Lep for some of their shows. Somehow, things don’t change that much. 🙂

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