MMMM + Kid helpers in the office

That’s right – they had spring break last week but the school system likes to take just one more day and parents everywhere are totally screwed.

Anyway, I’d say we had a fairly good weekend. Ash and I tried a new hibachi place in town for lunch Friday and it was good! We had sake as well, which is never my favorite but does go well with Japanese. Directly after, we decided to skip a movie and he got his hair cut and I went into the store. We went home and watched Spectre, which I thought was good, despite what reviews said. I’d put it second to Casino Royale – if we’re comparing Daniel Craig Bond movies.

Ash promised the kids we’d go to dinner so we had Mexican and then went into Target for flip flops. The weather has become warm and the kids outgrew theirs. Funny thing is that today, it is 45 degrees! I guess winter wanted one last hurrah.

Saturday was pretty laid back. I cleaned and hung around the house because it was dreary out. We watched The Count of Monte Cristo – one of Ash’s favorite movies – and then I ran up to Old Navy. But that was a pretty disappointing trip. They had a big display of kid PJs that said 9.99 so I grabbed some. Got the kids some 5 dollar shirts but nothing for myself, which was why I went. All their stuff is cut like maternity clothes. Been there, done that. Anyway, I got to the front of the line and the PJs rang up 18 bucks. When I asked, the guy said, “Can you take me back there and show me?” Are you kidding? Our Old Navy on a Saturday is ridiculous. I’m talking a line 30 deep. So I asked him to get a manager and she said only “basic” pajamas were that price. Although there was no differentiation anywhere. Sigh. I hated to be that customer but I let them know I was upset.

I spent my afternoon drinking beer and laying in the sun. Then we decided to go to Sonny’s and then we all went to Elliot’s baseball practice.

Sunday was cleaning and hanging out; Ash and I both got in our runs and I did laundry and in the afternoon, we took a walk on some trails and took the kids to a playground.

All in all, a really nice weekend.



Since it’s a freebie week, I’m gonna inundate you with Def Leppard because Ash and I are seeing them in May!!

I casually mentioned to my husband on Thursday that Def Leppard is going to be in Pensacola in early May. We talked before about how I have decided that life’s too short to miss my favorite bands (Motley Crue; R.I.P.) so he actually began looking around Christmas time for potential tickets to no avail. Well, shortly after I mentioned this Thursday, he texted back that he already bought tickets – floor, row 13. Um, my husband is the best, y’all! I read that tickets didn’t even go on sale until Friday and lo and behold, he turns up with them. I’m so excited!

So, here are some of the songs they’ll be playing – some of their greatest.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Kid helpers in the office

  1. The hubby’s college is on spring break this week – the kids’ spring break is next week…wish they’d run concurrently! 🙂 At least that means the hubby volunteers to subject himself to the drop-off and pick-up lines this week, which means I’m off the hook for two weeks in a row! Woot! 🙂

    How awesome is your hubby?! Can’t wait to read all about the concert in May. Great selections – thanks for the dance! 🙂

    i may be Stressed Out but you’ll be Reckless if you Rock On Said No One Ever

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