MMMM + Damn, I have to teach

Not having to see 26 freshmen faces for an entire week was literally a dream come true. This is juuust about the time they’re getting sick of school and I’m getting sick of them. I know I shouldn’t complain but it’s just very overwhelming.

So, I have to get this all posted and then prep for class at 9:30. My brain is so not ready for this! Mostly because I feel like I had a nice weekend. On Friday, I left around 1 and sat in the sun for a bit. My tan is coming along nicely. Oh, I know they say it’s bad for you but I cannot imagine that 20 minutes here and there with some sunscreen is going to kill me. Not yet anyway. At 3, I met my friend and another girl at the spa for pedicures then we went to Whole Foods and got beer and cheese. Yum!

I don’t really remember what all we did that evening but I am sure it involved sleeping. We had zero obligations Saturday so we went to Costco and lunch and Ell played with a friend.  I got an unexpected treat when Ash took all the kids to Elliot’s baseball practice. I got an hour and a half all to myself! Unfortunately, I didn’t feel very well so I ate a small salad and sat on the couch.

Sunday was dedicated to laundry and cleaning, as we had invited some neighborhood friends over for dinner. I also managed to get in a four mile run, which is the longest I’ve gone since I went back to running. It felt really good to go that far, even though it was warm and humid. Though I was very ready for winter to go away, I’m not quite ready for that weather. In fact, we had to turn the A/C on. It got so gross inside. And then especially with guests coming. We had a good time with them; beer, tacos. They’re good people. Anyway, that about does it for my weekend and I have so much to do. SO, without further ado…





Guitar Solos? Aww yeah.

Ok, let’s start with Metallica, Master of Puppets. This one frequently makes guitar solo top 10 lists.

Ok, you know you’re not getting out of this without Maiden. Powerslave is one of the best.

And now, Phantom of the Opera, one of their old songs but I think Bruce sings it better than Paul.

And one more of their epic melodic tunes:

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Damn, I have to teach

  1. I think many people think the only ones who get fed up with school is the students when in fact it is everyone who attends some kind of school that can get fed up and feel I need a break

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