Friday Five – Spring Break over, pedicures, phone stuff

Five Thoughts:

  1. This week went way too quickly, for my “time off”. I didn’t have to teach at all and that aspect was really nice. No students bothered me and I got stuff done. But again, it is suddenly gone.
  2. Our Bojangles opened this week so I tried it. My dad used to take me there when I was very little but since we didn’t have one in other places I lived and I stopped eating fast food, it was not an option. And it still isn’t but I like to try new places. It was definitely tasty for breakfast but the grease – oy. That will be my first and last meal there.
  3. Later today, I’m leaving a little early from work to go get a pedicure with a friend of mine.  This is super exciting because it was time for one and because it’s Friday and I’m in a pretty good mood.
  4. The fact that I figured out my phone issue also makes me happy. It was restarting ALL THE TIME but it turns out it was the sd card. I took it out and it hasn’t restarted since. However, I had already ordered a new phone so I went in and canceled it. Unfortunately, it had already shipped so I have to try and intercept the fedex guy so I can refuse it. Sigh. The thing is, I don’t want to get a new phone unless this one straight up doesn’t work. I don’t like waste.
  5. I finally got my refund on the shirt I ordered weeks ago that didn’t fit/feel right so then I immediately ordered another. This one will come from England so in like, a month, I’ll have another Iron Maiden shirt to add to my collection!

Five Photos:

somewhere back in time

This is the shirt I ordered. Yay to Powerslave AND Somewhere in Time Eddie


Florida has reached shorts weather time


SO ready for the beach. Hopefully for Easter/my bday we’ll go




This picture makes me happy

One thought on “Friday Five – Spring Break over, pedicures, phone stuff

  1. We had short weather and then it went away, but is coming back again this week. The ping-pong of the weather this time of year can be crazy. Time off always goes too fast. Hope you enjoyed your pedicure! It has been too long since I have gotten one done. Thanks so much for always linking up, it means a lot

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