Writer’s Workshop – Getting stuff done


4. List 8 things you accomplished this week!

Well well, since I took the entirety of Monday off, this is a very apropos prompt. I got a  ton of stuff done that day.

  1. Laundry! Boring, I know. But when you have a husband and three kids, that stuff mounts up. It’s getting a bit better now but when our N. Florida weather had turned to the time when it’s 40 in the morning but mid-70s by afternoon, my boys were perfecting the art of layering. Hence, two outfits per boy per day instead of just one.
  2. Grocery shopping. I was away from Friday to late Sunday and you know my family didn’t sojourn to the store without me. They did say they thought about it, so I guess that counts for something. Anyway, we needed just about everything we always use; surprisingly with the exception of milk and bread.
  3. Mowing the lawn. I know we like to think of it as the “man’s job” but I almost always do it. Sure, my hubs will do it if I ask, but I don’t mind. So after the store and a tasty Publix sub, I put on my crap clothes, my headphones, and my Australian Gold bronzing spray and I got after it: the front, the side AND the back yards all at once.
  4. Got all the books for our lower level English classes ordered. The behind the scenes stuff in college administration goes widely unknown to most. I literally have to plug in two numbers and click various buttons on every single section (so about 230) and wait for it to save. That process, depending on the system, could take five minutes each time. So imagine how long that takes! But I had a bit of help and now it’s done and we’re ready for students to register on Monday.
  5. Put new wiper blades on my car. Is it just me or do you feel really good when you do things like that? A wash or an oil change is the same thing. It makes me feel so… responsible.
  6. I made an appointment for a pedicure. In fact, I’m going with a friend of mine. It just sort of happened. I asked if she wanted to go to lunch and she asked if I wanted to get pedis. I normally go alone for that type of thing because it’s my get-away but since she finished prelims, we’re sorta celebrating.
  7. Oh here’s an exciting one: unclogged my shower drain. So. Much. Fun! (And disgusting.)
  8. And finally, I have blogged every day so far. I usually take Thursday off but I didn’t and I’ll blog tomorrow as well. I feel like that’s an accomplishment!

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Getting stuff done

  1. Wow, that’s a productive day! Blogging every day, in itself is a challenge, not too mention mowing and shopping and laundry. You’re Superwoman!

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