Random Tuesday – Not very well, thanks

Stacy Uncorked
  • Blergh. I do NOT feel well today. Stomach has been upset for a few days and I was up in the night with pain. I purposely omitted coffee this morning in hopes of alleviating the stomach pain but now I am tired. I LOVE my morning coffee so now I am a little cranky.
  • I also have four conferences in a row with my lovely 18 year old students about 8 page research papers. Can you say torture?
  • I cannot believe it is March. AND… I am going out of town this weekend and not even totally aware that’s happening. My sister is coming Thursday and we’re going to my parents’ for the weekend. I don’t know why I am both excited and dreading it. I guess because of not being around to do laundry on Sunday. That’s ridiculous right? I can’t plan too far ahead; it just makes me anxious.

Since the Tuesday Chat kind of addresses stuff I’d post anyway, let’s move onto it:

“How are you? Honesty required.”

Aside from my stomach hurting and being fairly sleepy, I am managing. I feel sort of disconnected from my life today. I don’t know if it’s the lack of coffee or immense amount of stuff on my plate, but I just do not want to do much of anything.

But I shall. I’ll plug away. I’ll manage to get through. I have distractions (in the form of Iron Maiden) and my family makes thing both better and worse but they’re still awesome.

I have a feeling I might just break down and get coffee. I’m sad that I am depending on it so heavily but eh, you only live once.

One thought on “Random Tuesday – Not very well, thanks

  1. I’m sorry that you are feeling poor! Blah to anything that keeps me away from my morning coffee! I can’t even fully give it up for this fitness challenge. I am even drinking it with Stevia! That’s commitment. Ha.
    I am quite lucky that I can also switch to tea if I am not feeling well. That’s my English heritage taking care of me. 🙂

    I get you about the disconnect though. I think when we get really busy and overwhelmed, that naturally happens. Suddenly it’s all about getting Things Done! And putting our fires that pop up. And just do do do, go go go. Doesn’t leave us anytime to really check in with ourselves. Which is why I think the question How Are You..or How Am I? is a good one to ask from time to time.

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