Running behind

Today has gotten off to a rotten start and I’m aiming to correct that here with breakfast, coffee, and blogging.

Happy leap year day! It’s my oldest son’s official half birthday. It’s an extra day in the year. Take it for what you will. I look at it as extra time granted to me. Though it will quickly be used up; I have a ton of things to accomplish this week.

SO, our weekend was decent. Friday, I picked up the kids and made sure everyone got fed but I didn’t much feel like eating. Around seven, Ash suggested ice cream and we ended up at McDonalds. Though we don’t eat there, their soft serve is yummy and cheap. I ordered a has brown – because breakfast – and so my dinner was ice cream and hashbrowns. Classy!

Saturday was all cleaning and eating out and sitting in the sun. Our weather was gorgeous; at least, during the day. Ell had baseball at 7 and it was pretty chilly out there.  Though unplanned, he went home with his friends from the team and spent the night. I went home and fell asleep. Sunday was the usual: running and playing outside. Ell didn’t get home until around noon and he was exhausted because you know, kids don’t sleep when they stay the night at others’ houses. I sat in the sun some  and ran to the mall in hopes of expanding my band shirt collection but nothing I wanted was in stock in my size. I was a little upset just because I ordered a Mastodon shirt online but the fabric is so awful. It’s all rough and the cut of the shirt makes it sit oddly on my shoulders. I’m returning it and plotting my next purchase. I wish I could find another good Mastodon shirt but it’ll probably be either Judas Priest or Maiden. I want to wear band shirts and jeans every day. But alas, I have to get slightly dressier. I come home and put them on and feel normal again.

Truth be told, I have always been this way. I just wish I hadn’t gotten rid of all my shirts. I’d have an extensive collection.

So yeah, I didn’t do Music Monday because this post is so late. Work is super busy and I’m way behind. Happy Monday everyone!


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