Friday Five – Days off, periscope, and adorableness

Five Thoughts:

  1. This has been a really weird week! I didn’t have my normal Wednesday meme so I blogged about something else, the kids’ schools were closed that day due to a storm (which amounted to nothing, btw), and I just felt all thrown off by being out of the normal schedule. There’s really something to be said for routine.
  2. Elliot had his first baseball practice this week. He’s moving up to kid pitch league and let me tell you, he has a couple boys on the team who can PITCH. It’s actually pretty impressive. He’s super excited for the season and that makes me happy.
  3. I’ve gone back to running consistently, about three days a week. However, I am feeling it too. My knee – which normally has issues – is feeling pretty bad. I wear a brace during runs but I’m experiencing a new pain too. On top of that, my sciatic nerve is acting up so sitting at work is pretty uncomfortable. It kinda sucks getting older!
  4. Have you used periscope before? I had not until Wednesday night when I tuned into the Iron Maiden concert in Ft. Lauderdale. It was… awesome. It was nearly like being there, except I didn’t have to stand near a lot of other people AND I got to chat with other fans while we watched it. I think the app jacked up my phone but still, I got to see the show I really wanted to.
  5. I started drafting this post on Thursday and I sat and sat and could not come up with a 5th thing. Well, getting into my office this morning solidified one for me. I had a message from an older gentleman who claimed to be Edgar Allen Poe in a past life. He wanted to send me some poems and even said he remembers that he and I “had a good time together.” Oh, let me not forget that he was calling from the state hospital aka psych ward in Chattahoochee, about an hour away. Freaky!


Five Photos:


Look at these adorable children!


Look at this adorable helmet!


Look at this adorable otter!


Look at this adorable (ticklish) armadillo!


Look at this adorable rock star!

3 thoughts on “Friday Five – Days off, periscope, and adorableness

  1. Oh my goodness that call would be scary! Makes me wonder why he has access to a phone. And yes one little thing that throws off the routine really can make the rest of the week feel not quite right. I really need to start running again. Thanks so much for linking up!!

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