Random Tuesday – Tires, breakfast bowl, beer, pizza

Stacy Uncorked
  • I just got into work; a bit late because my parents came back through town and we went to breakfast. We actually went to a little diner right near my house that in all my 19 years here, I have never been to. I had a grits bowl with bacon, spinach, and mushrooms and now I kind of want to pass out. So full!
  • Yesterday, since Dakota didn’t have school, I went home around 11 to bail out Ash and tag him in to work. However, about 2 miles from home, I heard the tell-tale fwap fwap of a flat tire. I pulled into a driveway of a house – the road is mostly college kid housing – and saw that it was dead flat. I called Ash and began the process of putting on the spare. Except the latch to open the back compartment was jammed. When Ash got there, he used his carbon fiber bottle opener and was able to unstick the latch and then…
  • We got out the jack and tried to loosen the lug nuts but we just could not. I didn’t have enough heft and Ash had on new work shoes so as he tried to loosen at the same time as being very careful, we just could not. After about an hour, I decided to call a tow truck.
  • As I waited for the tow, the kid who lived in said house came out and instead of asking if he could help, he was basically like, “Hey! What are you doing here?” And I replied, “I have a flat and I am getting a tow. I am so sorry to be in your driveway. I’m moving soon.” He then came back with a very rude, “Yeah, you’d better.” Excuse my language but fuck you buddy. I hope he fails all his college exams.
  • Right after that, a very nice college kid from two houses away walked up and offered to help. He said the same thing happened to him the week before and someone stopped to help him. So he helped me get the spare on and it was just such a nice gesture. I felt bad I didn’t have anything to pay him but he was all too happy to help out. Sometimes, things work out.
  • I didn’t mention that I had Dakota with me because Ash had to get on to work so she and I drove to the tire place where I found that it could be repaired – yay! – and while it was being worked on, she and I walked down to a little diner for lunch. I had all kinds of plans yesterday but none of them really got done. By the time we got home and I got her down for nap, I didn’t want to do anything but sleep myself!
  • Later that night, Ash and I were both partaking in a bit of beer so we ordered pizza and watched Hobbit until my parents got into town. I was sitting there, finishing up said beer, when I realized I felt a bit buzzed. More than usual. Then I looked at the beer – one my dad gave me – and it was 10.2%! I didn’t even notice before but man, that one bottle did me in. In case you’re interested, it was called Third Coast Old Ale.

OK, time for Tuesday Chat!

“The Struggle is Real! Rant, or comic relief: what are you struggling with these days?”

When am I not struggling? No, the joke is that I suffer. I tend not to feel the struggle but I feel like I have to suffer just a little bit . My husband has always made fun of me. I have a martyr mentality for sure.

But no, I guess what I struggle with these days is keeping my calm when it comes to the kids. I swear, they can do the stupidest stuff sometimes. Really, it’s the lack of common sense that drives me crazy. Elliot is a very smart child and yet, he makes some of the dumbest everyday decisions. I really need to hold my tongue to keep from telling him what dumb choices he’s making. I’ve got to figure out nice ways to teach him instead of getting exasperated. How does a mom stay calm and not get annoyed? I don’t think it’s in my nature so I really must train myself.

This is what I have got to work on if I want to keep the peace in my house.

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Tires, breakfast bowl, beer, pizza

  1. One day I am going to have to go eat somewhere that has grits. I don’t even know what they are, and it’s doubtful that any restaurant in Canada would have them on the menu. But one day!
    Oh my, I struggle with that “please use your head” stuff too. I just try to remember that as adults we come with a wealth of knowledge and experience, and they are just at the starting line; so of course they are not always as “clued in.” Man, I have to count to 10 before I remember that though! ha.

  2. Sorry about the flat! I always have to call a tow for mine. While I technically know how to change a tire, I am never physically able!

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